Quiet Month

As many of you can tell, September has been a bit of a quiet month for me.  Amazon was a little bumpy from what I heard, but apparently it’s stabilized out.  I’m thinking I’ll probably go ahead and put my stuff back up, but not until I’ve created new covers for anything that used stock photos.  Thinking that’s probably for the best, all things considered.

One of the things that still stands is that if I ever get a formal warning from Amazon, I’ll have to call it quits. Nothing from them so far, so hopefully my pulling my catalogue was just unneeded panic.  A few stories may get pruned out completely, mostly the really old stuff that wasn’t selling at all.  Regardless, things should trickle back up over the next couple weeks as I have time to redo covers etc.

Another thing I’ll mention is that I’ve come to enjoy the free time from taking a couple months off of writing, although in other ways it’s recharged me and left me with ideas.  Either way, I’m probably not going to put as much focus on this writing as I did before, since I just don’t have the time or energy.  There should be releases, but they’ll be much further between.

Also, I’ve gotten a few ideas for some more mainstream appropriate stories, and I want to explore my options.  We’ll see, if I put out a “real” novel and it bombs miserably, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more erotica.

Just a quick “I’m alive” update today, and saying that I do plan to put some stuff back up, but we’ll see.  Writing adds some stress that I don’t really need right now, so if things start to get zany with Amazon again, who knows.  However, based on what I’m hearing, pulling everything might have been an overreaction.

Until next time.

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