Update – Amazon Takedown and Still around

So, I realize it’s been a little while since I’ve been active.  I’m afraid the day job has just been crazy, so I haven’t had much time for writing.

I have some time to myself in the near future, so I had planned on getting some writing done.  The problem is that I’ve just found out that Amazon is apparently doing some more serious crackdown on their Erotica (Same Shit, Different Day, no?)  Anyway, as a preventative, I’m going to be pulling pretty much everything.

For now, my stuff is still up on Smashwords, and I’m going to look into alternative outlets, as well as once again exploring the possibility of selling something directly on this site (there’s always challenges).  At any rate, if you DO intend/want to follow my stories in the future, please sign up and follow the blog.  I’m not sure how much longer information will be available on my author page on Amazon.

Hope to have more next week, including the possibility of a release.

One thought on “Update – Amazon Takedown and Still around

  1. I’ve been attempting to try and find your novels to read them, especially the proteus ones but I have not had much luck, is there anywhere in particular I should be looking?

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