So, quite a few changes going on.

First, as many of you may have noticed, the fourth part of Mind’s Vault is up.  I highly recommend you check it out, as the story continues to be as awesome as I’d ever hoped.  There’s only one more chapter in this initial arc.

Amazon  /  Smashwords

Conforming - SM

Now, as many of you know, the great beast Amazon likes to stir every now and again, and remind everybody just how powerful they are.  It looks like they’re in the middle of another shift right now, with a focus on cracking down on non-consensual sexual content.  I’ll freely admit, some of my stuff is a little less than comfortable for some people, but my stuff is far from the most hard core.  Still, as a bit of a preventative, I may take down some of my stuff to just keep the eyes turned elsewhere.

I’m planning on finishing out MV, at least the first Arc.  The second arc actually featured some more subtle control, so it might still be ok.  In terms of other work, however, I’m going to be putting a pretty hard stop to anything questionable, and just focus on stories with a heavy focus on hypnosis and control, but a bit more obvious consent.  Stories like Hypnotic Condition (where he never touched her until she was comfortable with it) or Deepening Desires.

In order to keep my material production up, I’m going to scrap the comic version of depths (I may release the first bit as a bonus) and turn it into a normal ebook.  That way, I should be able to maintain publishing without worrying about Amazon’s retaliation.

I may re-write Spellbound to be more Amazon friendly, so that I can continue that storyline, and just have things be toned down a bit.  I’m not sure.  Amazon’s arbitrary enforcement can lead to some major headaches when it comes to making stuff that’s hot and close to the line.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try JUST releasing something on Smashwords, and see what happens.

A final thing.  Some of you may have already noticed a new link up at the top of my blog, for Tri3Ax EMC Comics.  Making depths gave me the itch to produce some harder, more content heavy EMC comics.  Unfortunately, I can’t release them commercially, since pretty much no payment provider will take them (at least without a huge up-front and annual investment on my part, and I don’t make enough to bother).  So I’ve decided to release them for free.

If you like them, feel free to leave a comment, and if you want to show your support, either buy an eBook you weren’t sure about, or gift certs to Amazon (oh the irony), Daz3d, or Renderosity are all always appreciated.

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