More Depths

Hey All,

I’ve been spending good chunks of the last week getting more and more comfortable with the 3D rendering program I use, as well as finding a better comic layout program.  I’m having a lot of fun with Depths, and as usual I keep finding myself wishing that the output I produce could catch up to the story in my head (which is really far along, actually).  Even if I don’t go ahead with the comic for this, might be an idea to try and write it out.  Comic is looking pretty likely though.

Anyway, I decided to change around the style a bit, and have the first 6 pages of the first chapter in a review able draft state.  Some changes may still happen, but I think they’re close to what I’m looking for (and may only require tweaks, like a couple backgrounds etc.).

As always, I appreciate any feedback people have for my work.

Depths – Second round of Sample Pages


Oh, and just in case people are worried about my writing stopping because of this, it’s not.  The next release of Mind’s Vault is in the Amazon pipe (Passed approval, posting) and is up on Smashwords.  I plan to release the next part of Power Plays probably tomorrow or Monday.

That’s all for now, back to the 3D art.

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