So, quite a few changes going on.

First, as many of you may have noticed, the fourth part of Mind’s Vault is up.  I highly recommend you check it out, as the story continues to be as awesome as I’d ever hoped.  There’s only one more chapter in this initial arc.

Amazon  /  Smashwords

Conforming - SM

Now, as many of you know, the great beast Amazon likes to stir every now and again, and remind everybody just how powerful they are.  It looks like they’re in the middle of another shift right now, with a focus on cracking down on non-consensual sexual content.  I’ll freely admit, some of my stuff is a little less than comfortable for some people, but my stuff is far from the most hard core.  Still, as a bit of a preventative, I may take down some of my stuff to just keep the eyes turned elsewhere.

I’m planning on finishing out MV, at least the first Arc.  The second arc actually featured some more subtle control, so it might still be ok.  In terms of other work, however, I’m going to be putting a pretty hard stop to anything questionable, and just focus on stories with a heavy focus on hypnosis and control, but a bit more obvious consent.  Stories like Hypnotic Condition (where he never touched her until she was comfortable with it) or Deepening Desires.

In order to keep my material production up, I’m going to scrap the comic version of depths (I may release the first bit as a bonus) and turn it into a normal ebook.  That way, I should be able to maintain publishing without worrying about Amazon’s retaliation.

I may re-write Spellbound to be more Amazon friendly, so that I can continue that storyline, and just have things be toned down a bit.  I’m not sure.  Amazon’s arbitrary enforcement can lead to some major headaches when it comes to making stuff that’s hot and close to the line.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try JUST releasing something on Smashwords, and see what happens.

A final thing.  Some of you may have already noticed a new link up at the top of my blog, for Tri3Ax EMC Comics.  Making depths gave me the itch to produce some harder, more content heavy EMC comics.  Unfortunately, I can’t release them commercially, since pretty much no payment provider will take them (at least without a huge up-front and annual investment on my part, and I don’t make enough to bother).  So I’ve decided to release them for free.

If you like them, feel free to leave a comment, and if you want to show your support, either buy an eBook you weren’t sure about, or gift certs to Amazon (oh the irony), Daz3d, or Renderosity are all always appreciated.

Site Modifications

Most of you should quickly notice the first modification made to the site, which is that I installed a plugin that requires age verification.  Given the stuff I deal with, it’s probably a good idea, and it’s mostly just to cover my ass.  It should only ask you to verify once a month.

I’ve also gone ahead and installed another plugin that flags my blog as containing non child-friendly content, which means that content filters should kick in for it.  I’m doing this, again, mostly to cover my ass.  If you’re a normal person browsing, you shouldn’t notice a thing.

Part of why I’m doing this is that I’m actually going to be posting some explicit content, so I figured I needed to cover myself a bit more.

For the time being, I’m going to hold off on trying to sell my ebooks etc. directly from my website.  It’s an idea I’ve toyed with, and there are a couple payment processors that will process payment for such content (I’ve spent a while checking) but there’s enough overhead that I’d rather not do it if I don’t have to.  I just want to make sure I have a backup in case Amazon decides to do another of their crazy random purges.

Now, on the comic front, I have two types of comics I’m working on presently. The first is depths, which is complete for 3 chapters, BUT I have to go back and re-render pretty much every scene to a higher resolution, because Kindle wants the page to be at least 1800×2880.  While this isn’t a huge problem, it takes time away from other things, so it’ll happen when it happens.

I plan to release depths on Kindle, if they’ll allow it.  I’m not 100%, but the sexual content should still be within their allowances.  If not, then I can fall back on Paypal or another processor.

However, I’ve recently been giving into temptation to make a comic that’s a little more hard core on the mind control and sexual content angles.  That one is outright going to be a no on Amazon, and most other payment processors it’ll be close enough to the thin line that I don’t really want to risk it.  As such, I’ve decided I’m not going to charge for it, for the time being.

The good news, however, is that I really want to post it somewhere for people to read, so I’m just going to post it here in it’s own section.  Unless I find out something amazing, it’ll probably be free.  I’ll try and make updates somewhat regular, but we’ll see.

Now, making this stuff isn’t free, so if you’d like to support it… buy a book.  It not only helps with my ratings as an author, it gets money to me, so yeah.

Anyway, expect to see something about my more explicit comic, Dr. Sexton’s Toys (do you see what I did there…) soon.  I’ll probably post the first chapter today, and then trickle out more a couple pages at a time (you know, to keep you schmucks coming).  Depths will be out when it’s out, and I’ll be trying on Amazon.  I want to release the first 3 chapters in a single go, to get to the hypnosis bits quicker, so it’ll probably take another week or two to re-tweak to higher resolution.

And of course, the writing will continue as time permits.  There’s one more Part to the first Arc of Mind’s Vault, but I’ll probably go into the second Arc almost immediately (since it’s currently popular).  Other things on the table are more Power Plays (although it honestly flopped, so I’m debating scrapping it, dunno if I screwed up or what), more Room Mates, or more Spell Bound.  Since Comics aren’t an option for Spell Bound, I’ll probably go with interior images writing for that one.

Moving in Progress

Hey folks,

I think I hinted in my last post that I’m changing providers.  That’s currently in progress.  You may notice things look a little different on my blog, don’t worry about it.

With the new host comes new options, such as direct sales of ebooks (for those of you who aren’t comfortable with Amazon etc.), the opportunity to try and host a webcomic, and other things.  I’m hoping that the follow list can be ported over, but if it can’t, people may need to re-follow if they want the latest updates.

I’ll keep posted throughout the process.

Art and Other Things

This is probably going to end up long.  I’m trying to put my thoughts together, and “talking it out” seems to help.

I ended up spending a bit more time on depths than I intended over the last weekend, but I think it’s overall going to be well worth it.  I’ve learned a lot of more advanced techniques etc. for the rendering software, I found a good comic composer, and I’ve laid a lot of groundwork.

I may have let my writing slip a little bit, but only a little.  My plan is to get the next part of Mind’s Vault written tomorrow, so I can edit on Monday and release Tuesday or Wednesday.  We shall see, it’s helped by the fact that I hit my goal with Depths today.  I’m putting Power Plays on the back-burner for now, I might work it a little over the week time permitting, but honestly it hasn’t really been getting as much traction as I might like.  I think part of it might be that people are waiting for the Omnibus, which is fine, but makes it difficult to gauge interest.

I’m still in the process of how I’m going to re-evaluate things now that I’m more comfortable with my 3D skills.  I DO intend to produce some stuff for sale, and I’m hoping to release on Amazon.  The monkey wrench, however, is that Amazon frequently has strict rules around content.  In the written realm, it’s not so bad, but in the actual visual realm, I’m sure they’ll be more strict.

I’ve decided that Depths is going to officially be more of a Hypnotic Romance (similar to Deepening Desires) and less true “erotica.”  For people that are hypno-fetishists, it should be amazingly good.  For people that are interested in a good romantic story, I hope it is equally good.  For people who just want a lot of obvious sexual content, it’s probably not going to be so good.

The guideline I’m using is that you won’t find anything in the comic that you won’t find in a rated “R” movie.  I’m hoping this is good enough to qualify for Amazon’s content allowances.  If it’s not, things could get a little interesting.  I’ve completed the first three chapters, and I’m going to release them all in one combined volume, so that people who pick it up have a bit more exposure to where the story is going.  I’m worried that if somebody got just Chapter 1, they might not find any meat to the story.

Some people might say that there should be more meat early on, but the problem is that with how I want the story to flow, you have to know the characters, otherwise it really has no development.  The first chapter really just introduces the characters.  The second and third are where the real hypnosis content starts.

My goal is that, once I get started, I can have a weekly release (20 pages) until the story reaches a good breaking point.  We’ll see, as we do with all things.  I’m also evaluating which of my other stories might work in this format.  I’m thinking Spell Bound could make a good one.  I might re-write it a little bit so that it’s more Amazon friendly in terms of some of the content (I’d probably need to drop the incest angle, but frankly that was falling out anyway.  Maybe I’ll just start after the book, and they won’t talk about it).  I think the 3D artwork could work really well with a story that involves magic and action.

If Depths does well, I’ll probably give it some more serious thought.

All this has gotten me thinking about something else.  Sometimes, you just want to have one character use a full on mind-whammy on another, and make her have sex with him.  It’s not pretty, but lord knows it’s popular.  While my writing is usually not that clear-cut, sometimes the scenes in my writing are, and I enjoy it as much as the next guy.  I’d like to bring some of this to the 3D art realm as well.

The problem, of course, is that Amazon wouldn’t allow anything that has graphic sex.  I know there’s a lot of websites out there that have graphic MC sex, and while it’s not my primary cup of tea, I want to give it a shot.  So I’ve decided that I’ll probably post that stuff directly on my blog for now, and decide where to go from there.

In order to help keep my options open, I’m transferring the blog to a different hosting provider.  While wordpress.com has been great, they don’t allow total control, and I need that.  One of the things I’m thinking about doing is trying to sell my material (both ebooks and comics) directly from my web site.  This is partially because I would then be able to get a greater percentage of royalties, and with Amazon, I’ll need that for comics.

Also, I can better set up a plug-in to post a web-comic, in the event that I decide to make some stuff for free.  Overall, it’s probably what I should have done from day 1, but hindsight is always more perfect than reality.

That’s all for now.  Mostly just wanted to get my thoughts together.  Back to working on my less story oriented and more simple mind control experiments.

More Depths

Hey All,

I’ve been spending good chunks of the last week getting more and more comfortable with the 3D rendering program I use, as well as finding a better comic layout program.  I’m having a lot of fun with Depths, and as usual I keep finding myself wishing that the output I produce could catch up to the story in my head (which is really far along, actually).  Even if I don’t go ahead with the comic for this, might be an idea to try and write it out.  Comic is looking pretty likely though.

Anyway, I decided to change around the style a bit, and have the first 6 pages of the first chapter in a review able draft state.  Some changes may still happen, but I think they’re close to what I’m looking for (and may only require tweaks, like a couple backgrounds etc.).

As always, I appreciate any feedback people have for my work.

Depths – Second round of Sample Pages


Oh, and just in case people are worried about my writing stopping because of this, it’s not.  The next release of Mind’s Vault is in the Amazon pipe (Passed approval, posting) and is up on Smashwords.  I plan to release the next part of Power Plays probably tomorrow or Monday.

That’s all for now, back to the 3D art.

Depths – Early Preview

So, I’ve finished five pages of depths to a degree that I’m comfortable letting people look at them.  The dialogue isn’t 100% final, but I want to get this out into the wild in part so that I can get feedback, but also so that I can sort of make the whole thing more real.

I’ve learned a lot in the first day of making things, such as techniques to improve the quality of renders (I figured how to get rid of that annoying wrinkle that constantly formed on Abagail’s crotch, for one…) as well as how to use Photoshop to lay out comic dialogue (it’s harder than you might think).

Now that I have the tools down, however, I think I can actually start to really get going on producing the story.  I think the first chapter should be about thirty pages or so.  I’m aiming for that so I just have an idea of what my goal is.

Here’s the link to check out the first few pages.  Please feel free to post a comment, or shoot me an email at Tri3Ax@gmail.com with any feedback.

Depths Preview Pages

Releases (7/5/2014)

Howdy folks,

Got 2 releases this week, and things are going strong

Mind’s Vault – Changes    Amazon  /  Smashwords

Changes - sm

Mind’s vault ended up being more popular than I imagined, not that I’m complaining.  Part 2, Changes, shows Christine after Greg uses the chair on her and changes her outlook a little.  She’s a lot easier to get along with, and way more willing to enjoy a little fun.

There’s plenty more to come in this series, so stay tuned for more.

Power Plays – Contrast    Amazon  /  Smashwords

Power Plays - Contrast - SM

The second release for this week is another chapter for Power Plays.  Things continue to unfold for our young heroes, this time from the point of view of Jacob’s side of the struggle.  Leah’s still coming to terms with her new life as a slave, but she’s getting more and more comfortable as time goes on.  Can she figure out a way to let her new master act freely, without fear of retaliation from her brother?

Stay tuned for more as the story unfolds.


That’s all for this week.  The plan is to try and get another release out for Mind’s Vault (since it seems to be going over well) and time permitting, more of Power Plays.  I’ve got both series planned out for the next several releases, it’s just a matter of getting things down and ready to go.

Thanks as always for watching this space.