New Releases (06/24/2014)

Ah, time flies when you’re busy as hell.  Sorry that these are a little delayed.  Smashwords versions of these will be up probably tomorrow for those that are waiting, I want to make a couple small revisions to the covers.

Also, some of you may notice something a little different about the covers as compared to previous releases.  For a number of reasons, I’m giving 3D covers a shot.  So far, I don’t think it seems to make much of a difference.  I do plan to try my best to make the images of high quality, and I think the first couple have turned out really well.

Power Plays – Homecoming   Amazon  /  Smashwords

Power Plays - Homecoming SM


So, I’ve been teasing for a while that the On Call universe was far from over, and Power Plays starts off the third series.  Beth’s been a little absent while we’ve watched Jacob rise to power, but she’s back and ready to start having fun with her master.  Also, Shawna is still under the effects of the commands given to her by Leah, and she’s hard at work keeping Matt distracted and making sure that he won’t interfere with what Joshua has planned.

Watch how the story unfolds as Joshua and Matt become more aware of each other, but there’s always the chance for something new on the horizon


Mind’s Vault – Opening   Amazon  /  Smashwords

The Vault - Opening

Speaking of new things, I’ve stared an entirely new series, Mind’s Vault.  I spent a long while debating on the name (it’s getting harder and harder to name these things).

Greg’s just found out that his grandfather died, but it was several years ago.  Due to some strange terms in the will, he’s set to inherit a lot of money, as well as his Grandfather’s remote house.

Now, he and his girlfriend are heading out there to take a look at the place, and he finds out from the caretaker that there’s a mysterious vault in the basement that only he is allowed to enter.  And what he finds there should make his girlfriend much easier to live with.


Well, that’s it for the new releases.  This week has been a little busy, but I hope to have a release or two up before the 4th of July.  Both of these series are going strong, and I have plenty of ideas, it’s all about time at this point.


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  1. Do you have any plans to market your new releases on Smashwords? Personally I prefer to buy your product there so I would be interested.

    • I do not know why I have such a hard time putting my releases up on smashwords. I’ll take care of that now so I don’t let it get away from me.

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