Hiatus, Catalog cleanup, and possible Author Name change.

Hey All,

As many of you have probably noticed, I’m in the middle of a bit of a break.  Unfortunately, the day job had just been a bit too much of late, and I haven’t had time to devote to my writing like I should.  Thankfully, I managed to get out the end of the first arc of Hypnotic Condition, so there should be at least a little closure there (or at least it’s a good natural stopping point).

Once things settle down, I’ll be back to writing as usual.  I appreciate the patience.  Summer usually slows things down a little bit, which means I should be able to put some more time into things.

Once thing I do want to mention is that I’m going to be doing a little Catalog maintenance.  Many of my stories have had omnibus editions released, but they still have the individual parts up.  I’m going to be dropping many of the individual parts, in order to make things easier to find and reduce clutter.  There may also be some price changes (drops, of course).

Also, some of you may remember I toyed around with using a different Pen name (Amy Sadal) a while back.  I didn’t really go through with it (it got complicated) but I’m thinking about trying again.  Part of it is just that my current name, Tri3Ax, worked really well back when Proteus was the only thing I had, but now more of my stuff is hypnosis or softer themed, and something that sounds so mechanical really doesn’t work.  Plus, it seems weird putting “Unit” in as a first name (some sites expect a real First/Last name setup is why).

I debated a long while about it, but I think when I do my early summer cleanup, I might go ahead and switch things around.  For a transition, I’ll list most of my current stuff with both the old and new, and then also release the next few things under both, before I start only using the new name.  Part of why I didn’t like doing two at once was knowing where the barrier was, but long-term I think I less outlandish name will sound better.

At any rate, nothing much for the next couple of weeks until things finish quieting down.

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