Slow Week

Unfortunately, do to WAY too much going on with the day Job, I’m not able to get around to doing any releases this week.  I’m hoping that things will be quiet and I can catch up a little bit over the weekend.

The good news is that I already drafted out the next part of Hypnotic Condition and Soft Bots, so they’re present, they just need to get edited and cleaned up.  After that, I can keep going with both Series.  I think I’m going to get both out to their full “Season 1” releases before releasing anything new, just to avoid getting off point.  They’re both slated for six parts for the initial segment, although Hypnotic Condition will very much continue after that (it will just be the end of the first real story arc, and it’s good to divide up when you release in a serial format before you move things on further).

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding.  Unfortunately, my stuff doesn’t have universal enough appeal to be a full time job (oh how I wish it did) so sometimes priorities have to shift.

Until next time.

Releases (04/09/2014)

Hey Folks,

Had a few things come out over the last few days.  Amazon’s author linking is being a little wonky, so it might not show up in searches for a while, but direct links seem to work ok.

Crystal Rapture- Mostly Human   Amazon

Mostly Human - SM


The fifth and final part of Crystal Rapture is now live.  I had a bit of a difficult time figuring out how I wanted to end, but I think it turned out well, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Brian has finally managed to get Marie to go on a date with him, of her own free will.  Now he just needs to avoid blowing it from being so nervous.  Will he end up impressing her, or will she forever remain out of his reach?

(Smashwords catch-up of this series pending)


Remote Control – The Complete Series   Amazon / Smashwords

Syndication - SM


Fun and Mind Control continues in Remote Control, the sequel to On Call.  Matt’s made a new invention, a remote that can control the mind of anybody it’s pointed at, and his sisters have managed to lose it at school.

Jacob, a bit of a nobody at school, has managed to find it, and quickly discovers how to use it.  Can Leah manage to find the wayward device before he wreaks too much havoc on the lovely ladies around him?

Probably Not.


Hypnotic Condition – Bonds of Friendship     Amazon  /  Smashwords


Bonds of Friendship - SM


Jacob continues his quest to ‘convince’ Wendy to sleep with him in the fourth part of Hypnotic Condition.  Things heat up as he enlists his sister, Sabrina, to help get past her friend’s barriers.  With her help, how much longer can Wendy fight the feelings he’s awakening within her?