Releases Catch-Up

As a couple people may have noticed, I’ve been a little lax on release announcements.  Soft bots two and three have been out for a couple weeks and a few days, respectively.  Find the announcements below:


Soft Bots – Fuzzy Logic   Amazon


Fuzzy Logic - SM


Joshua can’t believe what his house android, Rose, has done.  She’s telling him that he can now do whatever he wants with both his long-time crush, Kristen, and his step-sister, Cecille.  In fact, she’s even encouraging it, telling him that the girls were also interested, and this was the best way to get them to go along with the plan.

He’s wanted to be close to Kristen for a long time, but is this really the way to go?


Soft Bots – Changing Roles   Amazon

Changing Roles - SM

Kristen’s had her turn with Joshua, but Rose told him that there were two lovely ladies who’d be willing to get to know him better.  Now it’s Cecille’s turn, and she’s oddly eager to get started.  Can Joshua get past the fact that he’s seen her as his sister for so many years?

2 thoughts on “Releases Catch-Up

    • Yes. Smashwords is a little easy to fall behind on, but I should be able to get things up to date this evening.

      Also, glad to hear that you’re liking Hypnotic Condition. It’s a fun one to write as well. There’s a reason I try to release some more “pure” hypnosis stories, since these days the available stuff seems to be mostly technology based mind control. Sometimes, some old fashioned hypnosis can be a lot of fun.

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