Status Update

Hey all,

Not a lot today, just posting to make sure people know I’m still kicking.  Unfortuantely, life events are still not being kind to me, and dealing with continuing issues from some personal matters.

The good news is, I’m having plenty of time for brainstorming, plot development, and even a good chunk of writing.  The bad news is, almost no time for publishing.  Things are going to have to wait until I get back to normalcy, which is likely to not be until next weekend.

However, I do have three releases written out, they just need editing and covers, and will probably be able to easily cover two to four more over the course of the next week. This should leave me with plenty of material for once I’m able to open up the pipe once more.

For those of you looking for specific series, Soft Bots and Hypnotic Condition are definite yes, I’m hoping to get another part of Crystal Rapture up, and also I’m starting a new series.  No details on the new series, and I’ll be holding off on releasing it a little while to not over-complicate things (I worry I have too many open and I know people are waiting for some of my older stuff to close out).

At any rate, wanted to make sure I said something, to  let people know that releases are coming, they just might be a little delayed.

Until next time.

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