Life and upcoming

Hello all,

I normally don’t mention too much about my offline/real life, but I wanted to mention that I’ve had a bit of a personal emergency that may limit my schedule over the next couple weeks.  I’d like to keep writing, because honestly it’s a nice escape from reality, but time might be limited.  I wanted to make sure to get a blog post up, just to keep up the habit.

That said, I fully intend to get at least one thing released this week, if not two.  Part 2 of Soft Bots is drafted, and I just finished up Part 3 of Hypnotic Condition (which introduces a new character).  I may not have time to edit and prepare covers for both, but what this means is that I have a solid pipeline, even if I have to slow down, I won’t be stopping.

I may be able to get Soft Bots out tomorrow, if not Monday.  Over the course of the week, I’m going to write when I can, but might not be editing or publishing, since my focus is a little scattered.  I hope to further both story lines, as well as wrapping up Crystal Rapture.  Once Crystal Rapture is at a good stopping point, I’ll continue on with something else while I keep these lines open.

Until next time.

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