Releases (03/04/2014)

Good evening all,

Keeping it short and sweet this evening.  I have two releases for the past week.

Crystal Rapture – Marie’s Troubles   Amazon

Marie's Troubles - SM


I realize it’s been a little while since I’ve released something in the Crystal Rapture line.  I was having a difficult time figuring out how to finish up this story without just plopping an ending, and so needed to work out exactly how I wanted things to finish up.  Obviously, I’m comfortable with the current vision for finishing things out.

Part 4 of Crystal Rapture starts to bring things to a close, as Brian finally decides that things can’t continue as they have been.  However, as is often the case, rocking the boat brings with it some risks.

Hypnotic Condition – Acclimation  Amazon / Smashwords

Acclimation - SM


Hypnotic Condition continues to be a fun series to write, and this second part came very easily.  Malcolm continues his plan of attempting to slowly condition his crush Wendy to be comfortable feeling sexy while under hypnosis, but he’s also decided to try something new.

Sabrina has been well conditioned regarding helping out around the house, but Malcolm decides that maybe he could try something more, to really test his abilities as a hypnotist.  Can he convince her to obey him without question, or will she end up rejecting his attempts?



That’s the week’s releases.  Stay tuned for more over the next week.  Things are still going refreshingly strong in writing land.  I already have the next part of Soft Bots on deck (just needing an edit and final revisions) and half of the next Hypnotic Condition ready.  Depending on my schedule, I may also try to sneak in something unexpected.  While I have some ideas, I’m not really looking to start anything new, so it might end up being more movement on one of my open lines.

Until next time.

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