Releases Catch-Up

As a couple people may have noticed, I’ve been a little lax on release announcements.  Soft bots two and three have been out for a couple weeks and a few days, respectively.  Find the announcements below:


Soft Bots – Fuzzy Logic   Amazon


Fuzzy Logic - SM


Joshua can’t believe what his house android, Rose, has done.  She’s telling him that he can now do whatever he wants with both his long-time crush, Kristen, and his step-sister, Cecille.  In fact, she’s even encouraging it, telling him that the girls were also interested, and this was the best way to get them to go along with the plan.

He’s wanted to be close to Kristen for a long time, but is this really the way to go?


Soft Bots – Changing Roles   Amazon

Changing Roles - SM

Kristen’s had her turn with Joshua, but Rose told him that there were two lovely ladies who’d be willing to get to know him better.  Now it’s Cecille’s turn, and she’s oddly eager to get started.  Can Joshua get past the fact that he’s seen her as his sister for so many years?

Getting Back On Track

So, after a rather tiring few weeks, things are finally getting a little bit back to normal.  My apologies for lack of details, but I’m not big on sharing personal stuff.  Suffice it to say, it’s been a pretty busy time.

That being said, things really are getting back to normal, and should continue to be so for the next little bit.  Saturday saw the release of part 3 of Hypnotic Condition, and I’m expecting to get out something more in the near future.  I have already written the next part of Soft Bots, most of the next (and last) part of Crystal Rapture (at least in in the Girlbot Marie line), as well as something new that’s been bouncing around in my head.

I’ve also started working on Part 4 of Hypnotic Condition (it’s about halfway drafted).  Plus, in a massive brainstorming session, I ended up plotting out how the next arc of Spell Bound will play out.  I actually wasn’t expecting that one.

In short, I have a lot of ideas, and a good backlog to work with to keep releases even for the next while.  While I’ll be juggling 4-5 storylines, I tend to find that I actually have an easier time when I have a wide variety to work with. It means that if I’m stuck on one of them, I can easily switch to another.

Think that’s enough for my ramblings for the day, so I’ll close out with the story release announcement for Hypnotic Condition.


Hypnotic Condition – Anger and Submission   Amazon

Anger and Submission - Sm

Things take a small turn for the unexpected when Malcolm gets a chance to hypnotize a new girl, his coworker Jessica.  She’s got a bit of a problem with her temper, and it’s starting to affect her performance at work.  Unlike with Wendy and Sabrina, he can be up-front about what he’s doing, since he doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

Still, he’s addicted to the control, and the way she responds to his suggestions is a little unexpected.  Is there more there than Malcolm first expects?


Status Update

Hey all,

Not a lot today, just posting to make sure people know I’m still kicking.  Unfortuantely, life events are still not being kind to me, and dealing with continuing issues from some personal matters.

The good news is, I’m having plenty of time for brainstorming, plot development, and even a good chunk of writing.  The bad news is, almost no time for publishing.  Things are going to have to wait until I get back to normalcy, which is likely to not be until next weekend.

However, I do have three releases written out, they just need editing and covers, and will probably be able to easily cover two to four more over the course of the next week. This should leave me with plenty of material for once I’m able to open up the pipe once more.

For those of you looking for specific series, Soft Bots and Hypnotic Condition are definite yes, I’m hoping to get another part of Crystal Rapture up, and also I’m starting a new series.  No details on the new series, and I’ll be holding off on releasing it a little while to not over-complicate things (I worry I have too many open and I know people are waiting for some of my older stuff to close out).

At any rate, wanted to make sure I said something, to  let people know that releases are coming, they just might be a little delayed.

Until next time.

Life and upcoming

Hello all,

I normally don’t mention too much about my offline/real life, but I wanted to mention that I’ve had a bit of a personal emergency that may limit my schedule over the next couple weeks.  I’d like to keep writing, because honestly it’s a nice escape from reality, but time might be limited.  I wanted to make sure to get a blog post up, just to keep up the habit.

That said, I fully intend to get at least one thing released this week, if not two.  Part 2 of Soft Bots is drafted, and I just finished up Part 3 of Hypnotic Condition (which introduces a new character).  I may not have time to edit and prepare covers for both, but what this means is that I have a solid pipeline, even if I have to slow down, I won’t be stopping.

I may be able to get Soft Bots out tomorrow, if not Monday.  Over the course of the week, I’m going to write when I can, but might not be editing or publishing, since my focus is a little scattered.  I hope to further both story lines, as well as wrapping up Crystal Rapture.  Once Crystal Rapture is at a good stopping point, I’ll continue on with something else while I keep these lines open.

Until next time.

Releases (03/04/2014)

Good evening all,

Keeping it short and sweet this evening.  I have two releases for the past week.

Crystal Rapture – Marie’s Troubles   Amazon

Marie's Troubles - SM


I realize it’s been a little while since I’ve released something in the Crystal Rapture line.  I was having a difficult time figuring out how to finish up this story without just plopping an ending, and so needed to work out exactly how I wanted things to finish up.  Obviously, I’m comfortable with the current vision for finishing things out.

Part 4 of Crystal Rapture starts to bring things to a close, as Brian finally decides that things can’t continue as they have been.  However, as is often the case, rocking the boat brings with it some risks.

Hypnotic Condition – Acclimation  Amazon / Smashwords

Acclimation - SM


Hypnotic Condition continues to be a fun series to write, and this second part came very easily.  Malcolm continues his plan of attempting to slowly condition his crush Wendy to be comfortable feeling sexy while under hypnosis, but he’s also decided to try something new.

Sabrina has been well conditioned regarding helping out around the house, but Malcolm decides that maybe he could try something more, to really test his abilities as a hypnotist.  Can he convince her to obey him without question, or will she end up rejecting his attempts?



That’s the week’s releases.  Stay tuned for more over the next week.  Things are still going refreshingly strong in writing land.  I already have the next part of Soft Bots on deck (just needing an edit and final revisions) and half of the next Hypnotic Condition ready.  Depending on my schedule, I may also try to sneak in something unexpected.  While I have some ideas, I’m not really looking to start anything new, so it might end up being more movement on one of my open lines.

Until next time.