Releases (02/24/2014)

As always, a few days late, but I wanted to wait until I had both of the week’s releases up.

Two releases this time (I’m hoping to hold this pace, and I already have one story to count for next week drafted, so it’s looking quite possible).  Both are first parts in two brand new settings, so I hope everybody enjoys them.

Hypnotic Condition – Sowing Seeds   Amazon / Smashwords

Sowing Seeds - SM

As some of you know, “Pure” hypnosis stories are something I like to write from time to time, and Hypnotic Condition is one of these.  These stories tend to go a little bit slower in terms of the sexual content, but that doesn’t actually mean there isn’t heat, it’s just a little different.

Hypnotic Condition is the story of Malcolm, who’s been practicing hypnosis on his little sister, Sabrina, for the last several months.  He’s done this because he wants to be able to convince her best friend, Wendy, to go out with him, as well as doing some less innocent activities.  Since he knows he can’t just order her to do these things right away, he’s going to have to slowly wear her down, and get her used to thinking dirty thoughts while under his control.

Overall, I think it’s nice and hot, and even more so for hypnosis fans.


Soft Bots – Logic Bomb   Amazon / Smashwords

Logic Bomb - SM

Series #2 starting out is Soft Bots.  I know a lot of people out there are fans of Robotization stories, and while Soft Bots focuses more on mental Robotization than physical, I think it won’t disappoint.  Heavy on the sexual content, with a little humor, and a plot that will develop over time, I’m hoping this can develop into something great.

The year is 2080, and humanity has been declining.  Birthrates have been dropping, and only just recently did they start to stabilizing, when the world decided to follow up with the plague.  While it doesn’t kill the host, it makes them completely sterile, which in some ways can be even worse, since they can continue to spread the disease for the rest of their life.

This is the world that Joshua Gates has been born into, and like all young men, he has urges.  Unfortunately, the world around him has justifiably begun preaching how dangerous they are to indulge in.  However, he has a source of relief.  Human indistinguishable androids have become commonplace in the household, and his friend Andrew has told him how to convince his to sleep with him.

It’s not real, but it’s enough.  Until things go a little unexpected.


That’s it for release announcements.  Stay tuned for more.  I’ve already drafted part 4 of Crystal Rapture (I know it’s been a while) and I’ll be trying to put out either another episode of Soft Bots or Hypnotic condition.

Until next time.

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