Release (02/17/2014)

So, as happens WAY too often, I managed to get out a release and then wait two days to tell people about it.  Story of my life.  I imagine you’re used to it by now.

Mind Matters – Twisted Love    Amazon / Smashwords

Twisted Love -SM

Mind Matters ended up being an idea I had that grew a lot more than I ever really expected.  I honestly figured that the story would be around 7,000 words, it ended up clocking in at around 20,000.  It happens.  I wanted it to be my obligatory Valentine’s Day release, but because of how things ended up playing out, it released the day after.

Twisted Love follows the story of bitchy girl Camille, her recently dumped patsy boyfriend, Doug, and Doug’s friend, Danielle, who has decided that she wants to teach Camille a lesson for what she’s done.  What Camille doesn’t know is that Danielle has access to a program that can reprogram her mind.

I imagine I don’t need to go into much detail about what happens.  Suffice it to say, Camille has a very busy day ahead of her.

Mind Matters is a wholly new plot-line for me, and Twisted Love is a self-contained story, but it has room to grow.  If it ends up being successful, don’t be surprised if you end up seeing something more.  The story has plenty of potential for follow-up.

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