Work In Progress

Hey All,

So, another status update.  The good news is I’m working on something, and with luck it’ll be out soon… the bad (well, not really bad, I guess) is that it ballooned to be much bigger than I was expecting.  A story I thought would get done in 7000 words is looking like it’ll clock in closer to 20K.  While that means it’s got a lot more meat, it also means it’ll be delayed.

Also, it has a vaguely valentine’s theme, so I might have to ask people to overlook it being a day or two late.  Oh well.

Regardless, I’m hoping to finish the first draft tonight, and edit it tomorrow.  That means it might come out late tomorrow, or Saturday.  Either way, keep your eyes peeled.  I’m hoping my next release will be something a little shorter and sweeter, but lately they’ve been having a habit of getting away from me.

And before anybody wonders, yes, I’m still planning on releasing more of Dream Girls, and the last piece of Crystal Rapture (decided to call it at a 4 part story, before possibly heading into another arc).  As always, just need to find the time.  I long for when I can quit my day job and do this stuff full time.

Oh.  And also.  SNOW!  Good lord there’s a lot of it.

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