Releases (02/24/2014)

As always, a few days late, but I wanted to wait until I had both of the week’s releases up.

Two releases this time (I’m hoping to hold this pace, and I already have one story to count for next week drafted, so it’s looking quite possible).  Both are first parts in two brand new settings, so I hope everybody enjoys them.

Hypnotic Condition – Sowing Seeds   Amazon / Smashwords

Sowing Seeds - SM

As some of you know, “Pure” hypnosis stories are something I like to write from time to time, and Hypnotic Condition is one of these.  These stories tend to go a little bit slower in terms of the sexual content, but that doesn’t actually mean there isn’t heat, it’s just a little different.

Hypnotic Condition is the story of Malcolm, who’s been practicing hypnosis on his little sister, Sabrina, for the last several months.  He’s done this because he wants to be able to convince her best friend, Wendy, to go out with him, as well as doing some less innocent activities.  Since he knows he can’t just order her to do these things right away, he’s going to have to slowly wear her down, and get her used to thinking dirty thoughts while under his control.

Overall, I think it’s nice and hot, and even more so for hypnosis fans.


Soft Bots – Logic Bomb   Amazon / Smashwords

Logic Bomb - SM

Series #2 starting out is Soft Bots.  I know a lot of people out there are fans of Robotization stories, and while Soft Bots focuses more on mental Robotization than physical, I think it won’t disappoint.  Heavy on the sexual content, with a little humor, and a plot that will develop over time, I’m hoping this can develop into something great.

The year is 2080, and humanity has been declining.  Birthrates have been dropping, and only just recently did they start to stabilizing, when the world decided to follow up with the plague.  While it doesn’t kill the host, it makes them completely sterile, which in some ways can be even worse, since they can continue to spread the disease for the rest of their life.

This is the world that Joshua Gates has been born into, and like all young men, he has urges.  Unfortunately, the world around him has justifiably begun preaching how dangerous they are to indulge in.  However, he has a source of relief.  Human indistinguishable androids have become commonplace in the household, and his friend Andrew has told him how to convince his to sleep with him.

It’s not real, but it’s enough.  Until things go a little unexpected.


That’s it for release announcements.  Stay tuned for more.  I’ve already drafted part 4 of Crystal Rapture (I know it’s been a while) and I’ll be trying to put out either another episode of Soft Bots or Hypnotic condition.

Until next time.


So,  I don’t normally bother to post about these sorts of things, but occasionally I like to point out a milestone or two.  As of a few days ago, I officially have thirty followers on the blog.  While that’s not many by a lot of standards, it’s thirty more than I ever expected, so I’m counting it as a win.

Also, once I finish this post, I’ll be putting together the cover for a new release (Hypnotic Condition – Sowing Seeds).  Fans of Deepening Desires should be pleased to hear that it’s a back to basics hypnosis piece.  Expect it up soon.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll spend the remainder of the evening editing another piece to sneak out late night, or working on drafting out something new.  Either way, always so much to be doing, and so little time.

Until later

Works in progress and question for readers

Hello all,

Yeah, two posts today.  The first was a release announcement and I hate combining those with the more status-update style posts.

So, as I mentioned in the last couple posts, I’ve been working on something, and it ballooned out of control and ended up jamming up my queue for a bit.  However, once I managed to get it out the door on Saturday, I was able to ‘ride the wave’ so to speak, and put in a hard weekend of writing.

At this point, I have two releases that are in what I would consider “ready for editing” state.  That means they’re done, I just want to give them a once-over to make sure they’re release quality.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be publishing them Wednesday, barring anything at work coming up.  I’d like to try and get back into the habit of two short pieces a week.  I did it when I was first starting out, but the holidays ended up gumming up that plan.

Oh, and both of them are completely new plot lines, in episodic format.  One of them, Hypnotic Condition, is a back to basics series featuring realistic hypnosis, and the other, Soft Bots, features technological mind control / robotic personalities.  Both should be pretty fun.

With these two, I’m up to four fully active series I need to put work into (These two plus Crystal Rapture and Dream Girls), but now that I think about it, historically my best work happened when I had a lot of options to work on.  I also have other lines that I can work on, but they’re mostly on semi-hold.  We’ll see where the future takes us.

With the upcoming works pipeline out of the way, I do have a question for my readers at large.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to find good pictures for my covers (for a number of reasons, but I’ve already used many of the models from stock photo sites that really caught my eye).  More than a few authors in the erotica genres rely on 3D rendering technology for their covers.  Ultimately, it has absolutely no bearing on the content of the story, just on the cover that is shown during browsing.

I’d appreciate some feedback.  I’m not planning on going completely to them, but I might end up doing it for a couple of my serial stories.  The reason being that sometimes, it’s hard to find multiple pictures that look good, to have a different one on each story.  As always, the poll is anonymous!

With that, I’m out for now, back to working on more for you to read.

[polldaddy poll=7807309]

FYI – This is about the quality that I’d be targeting for renders (click to see the picture in full size, wordpress is doing some funny stuff with transparency)

Something at or around this quality

Something at or around this quality

Release (02/17/2014)

So, as happens WAY too often, I managed to get out a release and then wait two days to tell people about it.  Story of my life.  I imagine you’re used to it by now.

Mind Matters – Twisted Love    Amazon / Smashwords

Twisted Love -SM

Mind Matters ended up being an idea I had that grew a lot more than I ever really expected.  I honestly figured that the story would be around 7,000 words, it ended up clocking in at around 20,000.  It happens.  I wanted it to be my obligatory Valentine’s Day release, but because of how things ended up playing out, it released the day after.

Twisted Love follows the story of bitchy girl Camille, her recently dumped patsy boyfriend, Doug, and Doug’s friend, Danielle, who has decided that she wants to teach Camille a lesson for what she’s done.  What Camille doesn’t know is that Danielle has access to a program that can reprogram her mind.

I imagine I don’t need to go into much detail about what happens.  Suffice it to say, Camille has a very busy day ahead of her.

Mind Matters is a wholly new plot-line for me, and Twisted Love is a self-contained story, but it has room to grow.  If it ends up being successful, don’t be surprised if you end up seeing something more.  The story has plenty of potential for follow-up.

Work In Progress

Hey All,

So, another status update.  The good news is I’m working on something, and with luck it’ll be out soon… the bad (well, not really bad, I guess) is that it ballooned to be much bigger than I was expecting.  A story I thought would get done in 7000 words is looking like it’ll clock in closer to 20K.  While that means it’s got a lot more meat, it also means it’ll be delayed.

Also, it has a vaguely valentine’s theme, so I might have to ask people to overlook it being a day or two late.  Oh well.

Regardless, I’m hoping to finish the first draft tonight, and edit it tomorrow.  That means it might come out late tomorrow, or Saturday.  Either way, keep your eyes peeled.  I’m hoping my next release will be something a little shorter and sweeter, but lately they’ve been having a habit of getting away from me.

And before anybody wonders, yes, I’m still planning on releasing more of Dream Girls, and the last piece of Crystal Rapture (decided to call it at a 4 part story, before possibly heading into another arc).  As always, just need to find the time.  I long for when I can quit my day job and do this stuff full time.

Oh.  And also.  SNOW!  Good lord there’s a lot of it.

Reviews – A Request, and BTW, you can use a Pen Name Too

Hello All,

It’s looking like no releases this week.  I’m fighting something off and work has been a little extra crazy.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to catch up on the weekend and rally strong next week.

I do, however, have a combination of request/public service announcement.  As anybody who has read the little blurb at the back of my books has seen, I’m very eager to get reviews from people who’ve read my stuff.  Specifically, it would be great if people could put said reviews up on Amazon.  As a lot of people know, many people base their decision to purchase on whether or not somebody else has been willing to purchase, and it would really help me out if people would do so.

However, I’ve asked people in the past, and they all say the same thing.  “Of course I would, but I don’t want people to see my name next to… that sort of thing.”  While I could pretend offense (hey, that’s my writing!!)  I understand completely.  After all, I clearly use a pen name (or did you think my parents hated me that much?) so why can’t you?

Oh yeah.  Turns out you can!  Didn’t you read the title of this post?

It turns out that you can set your Public name on Amazon, so that you can leave reviews that won’t have your name next to them.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, there’s one small Caveat.  This will set your Public Name for your amazon account across the board.  if you just use amazon to purchase things and have them shipped to you, no big deal.  However, if you have a public wishlist, a person who looks at your reviews can see your wish list.

Also, there’s nothing stopping you from making a second Amazon account.  You’ll need to buy something with it (Might I make a suggestion?) but then you’ll have a completely separate account for your smut.