Obligatory Holiday Post

Hey All,

Hope everybody is well.  As usual, the end of year has been busy for me, but all things considered it could have been a lot worse.  Honestly, it’s been a fun year, and I’m really glad that the night job of writing has been as successful as it has been.  When I first started way back in May, I never expected to be at a point where I was hoping to pop out so much every month, and to continue to be selling things released months ago.  Here’s looking forward to 2014.

In writing news, you may have noticed I haven’t been particularly active in terms of releases.  Part of that has been that I’ve been busy, and part of it is that I’m making good on my idea to try and release some longer pieces that build over time.  I’ve been brainstorming Ideas, both for sex and control heavy stories, lighter more romantic stories, and even something completely non erotica.  Some of them have only made it to a chapter or two actually written, but most at least have the main thrust, so to speak, mapped out.

2014 should shape up to be a fun year for my writing, because I’m more comfortable taking on some more ambitious projects.  I still plan to continue a couple of serial lines (Namely On Call, 1 more post for Remote Control and then the second series will be done, and I already have LOTS of ideas for number three, including a return of lovely neighbor Beth, who has been a little absent.)  but I’m also hoping to release the longer stuff.  Hypno Hospitality served as a good testing ground for longer stuff, and it’s done quite well, I must admin.

So, to that end, I’m going to officially pre-announce the next longer title I’m hoping to release.  Based on my initial estimates, It’s looking like 45,000 to 55,000 words is likely.  I’d like to extend it a bit more (maybe by putting in a couple side scenes that I’ve been thinkiing of).  However, at that range, it’s still long enough that I’m allowed to call it a “book” and not even just a novella (but that’s all just terminology anyways).

The title will be “Room Mates – The Perfect Companions” and I see it as the first in a line of at least three of that length, if it ends up doing well.  The story features Sebastian, Samantha, and Tiffany.  Sebastian has lucked out in managing to get a living arrangement with two cute girls, but they’ve asked him to be the perfect gentleman, and he’s willingly obliged, at least as far as they can tell.  What they don’t know is that he’s slipped each of them a device that controls their thoughts while they sleep, sending them to him for nightly fun.  Still, he wants to enjoy something a little more, and is working to refine the devices.

As all the stuff released under Tri3Ax, it will have Mind Control, Brainwashing, plenty of sex, and features elements of Memory Modification, which I know can be a hot item for a few of my readers.  I’m hoping to have it out soon, but not putting any dates, in case delays happen.

Until next time.

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