Omnibus Release for Christmas

Hey all,

So, I realize it’s been a while since my last update.  I apologize for this, day job has been hellish and the like.  However, I have some good news, I’m taking a little time off around the holidays, and that means more time to write.

I’ve also gone ahead and released omnibus editions of ALL completed series at this time.  This means that if you’ve been holding out to get something for the lower omnibus price, you’re in luck.  Find links and descriptions below.

Deepening Desires   Amazon

Deepening Desires sm

Marcus had always been curious about hypnosis and the workings of the human mind, but had never really gotten the opportunity to explore the subject first-hand. Just such a chance falls into his lap during the third year of school, when an advanced psychology course allows him, and his partner Emily, to pick their own research subject.

Now, after a bit of convincing, Emily has agreed to help Marcus practice his hypnotic inductions, in preparation for calling in some volunteers. Under the watchful gaze of her room-mate, Katie, Marcus hopes to work with Emily to discover just what depths there are to her mind, and possibly discover some things about himself in the process.

Note:  You’ll see that the Author is listed as Amy Sadal.  As mentioned earlier, I’m starting a second pen name to cover my titles that are more story than sex, and a little lower on the heat scale.  That doesn’t mean that I consider them of any lower quality, just that I don’t want people to expect my usual control heavy sex romps.

Partner Programming   Amazon

Partner Programming SM

Jennifer is glad to have a job, given just how many of her friends from school struck out entering the job market. She’s the newest hire at Omni Designs, a small shop that shows the not entirely unexpected gender imbalance of her industry. Still, she’s a tough girl, and she’s sure she can hold her own.

Since she’s new, she’s been partnered with Marty, one of the most senior develops there. He offers her free use of his soda machine, and a pair of special headphones that will help her block out the noise of the office. But as the day goes on, she finds herself getting more and more distracted, and her mind wanders more and more. Just what’s happening to her, and why is she so god damn horny!

Recruitment Drive   Amazon

Recruitment Drive SM

Doctor Oswald Goodman, Board Certified Psychotherapist and Licensed Hypnotist. That was what the card Karen read said, in small, unassuming text. He’d just moved to the area, and was looking to set up a new practice. A chance encounter brought the two of them together, and ended up changing Karen’s life, and more importantly her mind, forever.

Karen’s been having money problems, a lot of money problems. She’d give anything to not be constantly worrying about how to manage to make ends meet. While Doctor Goodman might not be able to help her with her money problems, he offers to at least help her get her mind off of it, at least for a while. Too bad for her he plans to get her mind off more than just her problems.

And once he has one accomodating employee, why not look for a few more?

Spell Bound – Introductions   Amazon

Spell Bound - Introductions SM

Erik’s a decent enough guy. Even though fate’s forced him to move back in with his parents after college, he still has a good job, and a plan for moving out. He just needs a little time. But he’s just been too ashamed of himself to get things going with a girl.

A mysterious stranger leaves him the gift of a weathered tome, which promises him the ability to bind another to him. While he doesn’t believe in magic, what would it hurt to try?

That thought brings him into a world much larger than he ever imagined, and changes his life, and the lives of those around him, in fun and interesting ways.

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