New(ish) Releases

Hello All,

As some of you have noticed, I’ve put up a couple more stories in two of my three currently ongoing lines.  Check it out:

Crystal Rapture – Tuning Melody – Amazon

Tuning Melody_SM

Part three of Girlbot Marie takes a turn for the unexpected when Brian finds Melody giving his beloved Marie a verbal lashing over her poor performance on one of their matches.  Just what will he do to the blond girl as punishment for such an action?


Remote Control – Crossover   Amazon


Jacob, Claire, and Alice have become a powerful and fun-loving team, thanks to liberal applications of the remote’s power.  Now, Jacob has decided to significantly expand his harem, setting his sights on the school’s cheerleading team.

However, Leah has been following the trail of the remote for some time, and she’s achingly close to discovering who has it.  Will Jacob’s fun come to an abrupt end?

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