Checking In

So, some of you may have noticed things have been a little quiet.  As you know, this is a night job for me, and the day job has been pretty crazy recently.  We’re closing out a fourteen month project, so everything has been a little crazy.  Hopefully, things will quiet down soon.  Also, I’ll be taking a lot of time off over the New Year, so that should free up plenty of time for writing.

Nothing really to report, mostly just wanted to check in, and not let things go too long without some sort of post.  I’m actually thinking now is a good time for this to have happened, since I only have a few outstanding series, and none of them was really on a cliffhanger or anything (spoiler alert, in the next part of Remote control…. there’s sex and mind control!).

I have another part of Crystal Rapture drafted out, just needs editing, as well as half a part of remote control (and the final part is at least plotted out).  I’ll be working on those, as well as a couple other projects, once I find some time.

Stay tuned, more to come of course, and I appreciate the patience.

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