New Release (11/6/2013) – Upcoming Promotion

Happy to announce a new release in Crystal Rapture.

Crystal Rapture – Me and Marie    Amazon

Me and Marie_Sm

Brian and Marie’s interesting relationship continues in this next part of Crystal Rapture.  He finds her blank, robotic state to be arousingly addicting, and he considers his little girlbot to be absolutely perfect.  The only problem is, as time goes on, he’s also finding something missing.  Can he resolve his feelings for Marie while still being able to have a sexy playmate?


Also, I’ve put in for Free Promotions on two of my stories that will run from Thursday, Nov 7, through Sunday, Nov 10, on Amazon.  If you’ve been holding out on picking up the Spell Bound series, Parts 1 and 2 will be available for free during that window.

Spell Bound – Initiate

Spell Bound – Partnership

Not Dead

So, just wanted to make sure that people knew I wasn’t dead (it’s only been a week, honestly, but yeah that’s a long break for me on the blog).

October was less productive than I would have liked, but that happens.  The day job has been crazy (govt. shutdown related, of course.  At least we got busier, rather than sitting around, but still stressful).

That being said, November is starting out a very strong month in the writing department.  I have the next part of Remote Control written, it just needs editing, same with the next part of Crystal Rapture.  I have the next part of Control Program plotted out, just need to spend a few hours turning the outline into a story (with luck, that will happen tomorrow).

I’ve also gotten several pieces for the final part of Partner Programming, and written out the basic outline of how Deepening Desires will end.  To top it all off, I have the starting threads of my longer hypnosis story, and also brainstorming my first Legit (As in non Erotica) story.  Keep posted on that one.

Also, I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head a little recently, that’s currently in the process of shaping up.  These stories that refuse to stay put are often the best, so I’m hoping it’s a good one.  In short, I’ve been reading a few stories recently, and I’ve realized I’ve been a little too consistently soft-core.  While that has a time and a place, I want to have a little fun writing something a bit more full of dirty words and less polite sex.

As an added plus, I’m including a little teaser here, directly from the document I’m writing as the first draft.  Please understand that this is truly first draft, and I’m not sweeping it 100% for flow etc.  Try to see if you can spot something that might be of interest:


Amber sighed.  She didn’t want to see some shrink about her problems taking tests, that would make her feel like she was crazy.  But she also knew she had a problem, and needed to do something about it.  If she didn’t, she might end up failing classes this semester, and that would cause her no end of problems.

After a few minutes of silence, she nodded.

“Fine… but I’m not doing it to see a shrink, ok?  I don’t have any problems… I just… I just need a little help.”

Her mother nodded.  “Oh yes, very much so.  Trust me, he really knows his stuff.  After my first session with him, I felt a million times better.”

Amber nodded, but waited for her mother to say she was finished.

“So are you busy right now?  It would be great if he could get started now.”

Amber blinked.

“Wait…. Now?  As in right now?”

“Well yes, he’s waiting out in the car.  I’ve been trying to build up my nerve to ask you, and he was helping me with my courage.  I want to get started now before either one of us can get cold feet.”

“But mom, really.  Right now?”

Her mother nodded.

“Yes.  I’m tired of seeing how frustrated you get struggling.  I really don’t like seeing you so frustrated.”

Amber felt like laughing at how her mother kept saying the word frustrated.  She was feeling some frustration, but it wasn’t actually because of her studies for once.  Still, she knew that it wouldn’t be long before the books started causing her to feel wound up in the way that wasn’t so fun, so after a few moments resistance, she finally nodded.

“Ok.  Sure.  Let’s do this.”

Her mother practically beamed, and jumped to her feet.  Before Amber could really figure out what was going on, her mother was out the front door.  A moment later, she returned, and a well-dressed man followed her.

He was wearing an off-white shirt, with a pale blue tie.  As he entered, he took off the dark gray suit coat that matched his pants, and Amber’s mother indicated that he should hand it to her.  Amber could tell that her mother wanted to impress their guest, and she was going overboard with being a good hostess.

Finally, her mother and their guest walked over to stand next to her.

“Amber, I want to introduce you to the wonderful therapist who’s been helping me recently.  This is my daughter, Amber.  Amber, this is Dr. Goodman.”