Releases (11/27/2013)

So, I’m a couple days late in announcing them, but I have new stuff up!

First – Deepening Desires: Sincerity    Amazon / Smashwords


Emily made a huge mistake, and now she has to figure out how to live with the consequences.  Will she be able to work things out with her Roommate and Marcus, or will she be stuck alone and afraid forever?

This last and final part of Deepening Desires finishes the tale from Emily’s point of view, as she deals with the fallout of her, and Marcus, playing with hypnosis a bit too casually.

Partner Programming – Antivirus    Amazon / Smashwords


Jennifer’s week comes to a close in this last and final part of Partner Programming.  Now that Dave has managed to program her to be just the way he likes her, Jennifer is getting ready to bring herself and her roommate, Lindsey, over to his place for a night of fun.  But everything might not be as it seems.


These pieces have been a long time coming, and writing them was harder than I ever expected.  It’s not that they were especially difficult, rather I was worried that people would be let down by a terrible ending to what has otherwise been a great series.  I have tried my best in each, and I hope they, and all my stories, continue to entertain.

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