Good news for long time readers

Hey all.  Just a status update, but one that I imagine a lot of people have been waiting for.  I’ve been having all sorts of ideas bouncing around in my head, which is a great thing, because it means more stories to share with the world.  Hypno Hospitality has done as well as I could have ever hoped, and it’s really showing me that longer stories, with the sexual elements more spaced, might work out pretty well.  HH is a pretty sex-heavy story, but even it has more than a few lulls, but I think even they serve to help the story.

So, to that end, why am I saying this is good news for long time readers?  Part of what’s been weighing on my mind as I go to write some of these longer stories (beyond just idea storyboards etc.) is the fact that I have unfinished series still lingering.  Now, Remote Control and Crystal Rapture are both relatively new, and have gotten recent releases, and I plan to continue them both, of course.  I’m still not sure on Control Program, whether I want to continue it as a serial format, or treat that short story as an intro and move on to something longer for the next part.  Either way, it’s still active, but I don’t think the plot has gotten to the point where people are really feeling like it needs some attention.

What I’m referring to are things that I’ve REALLY been managing to put off, Deepening Desires, and Partner Programming.

I’m happy to say that Partner Programming Part 5 is written, I just need to edit it, and tweak a last few parts for flow.  I’ve long been struggling with trying to get Eroticism, Mind Control, and a long-term plot resolution all into the same story, and I think I’ve managed to find a good balance.  It’s probably going to be a little less hot than the previous books in the series, but it’s pretty hard to resolve a story without some less than arousing bits.  Still, there’s plenty in there to stimulate both the mind and… other things.

Deepening Desires Part 6 is now between half and two-thirds written, and I need a little more time to finish out exactly how I want the ending scenes to play out.  With luck, I should only need another evening or two to really hash out the details.

In other words, both series should be complete by the weekend.  With those out of the way, I’ll no longer have anything looming to interfere with my other work.  I can actually say that putting off finishing these stories has actually been less than productive.  Many times I’ve sat down to write, only to be unable, because I feel I “should” be writing one of these, but it isn’t flowing.

Once these are done, I’m hoping to get cracking on everything else I’ve got on deck, which should include continuations of my current serials, as well as some new stand-alones featuring both old familiar characters, and some new ones.

I think that’s about enough for this post, so I’ll call it here.  Thanks as always for your continued support.  I know my rambling musings might not be what you really come here for, but sometimes, it’s nice to know there’s people out there willing to listen.

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