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After reviewing the price of other author’s ebooks on Amazon and other sites, I’ve decided to do a bit of a price drop for a number of my stories.  Because of the way Amazon does the royalty tiers, this is going to apply more to Omnibus editions than individual editions.  Individual releases will still be 2.99, for people who want to read as soon as it’s available (think of it as the early access price), while people who wait for the Omnibus will see more savings.

For my four stories which had three parts (Squeaky Clean, Gun Bunnies, Playing with Kittie, and Raw Deal) the Omnibus will cost 2.99, the same as a single volume previously.  If I end up with any other three part series (which doesn’t look very likely, right now) It will price similarly.  Also, I’m dropping the Individual parts from my listing, as they make the author page cluttered and harder to navigate.

For longer series omnibus (On Call, Remote Control, Deepening Desires, Recruitment Drive, etc.) I will be using a new formula that should result in bigger reductions.  Previously, I had planned to price them on a 3 for 2 model, similarly to the 3 part stories.  Now, I will go with a base of 2.99 and an additional $1 for each part.  On Call becomes (2.99 + 5 => 7.99) following this.

Novellas and Novels (Such as Proteus, and the parts of Proteus) will still be on a case by case, but I’m dropping Proteus down to 5.99.

It always feels weird to talk shop on a public forum like this, but I’ve long considered this business to involve more than just me.  I also want anybody who might be wondering where the individual parts of have to know what’s happening.

As always, if you have any questions about my work, just let me know.

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    • Correct. Playing with Kitty and Raw Deal haven’t gone live quite yet in Omnibus form. I plan to submit them tonight, so hopefully they should be available tomorrow.

      I’m working on making an Audiobook edition of Recruitment Drive, but expect the omnibus for that somewhere toward the end of the month.

      Remote Control, Deepening Desires, and Partner Programming aren’t quite done yet. Once they’re done, the Omnibus will release shortly after.

      Thanks for reading!

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