New Release (11/8/2013) – Remote Control

Got a new release tonight, Part 4 of Remote Control.

Remote Control – Channels  Amazon


Things are really starting to heat up in part four of Remote Control, as Jacob finally gets to invite Claire over to his house to do what he does best.  Now able to play with both of his girls freely, he decides to use the remote to make sure they’re both willing, eager, and horny enough to last all weekend.


Things are still going strong in writing land.  Working on another piece that will hopefully be out in a little bit (a standalone, shocking I know) as well as percolating ideas for how my current series will keep moving.  I hope to have more fun reads for you all soon.  Two long weekends in November, combined with a lot of time off in December and January, should also help keep the wheels turning.

Until next time folks.

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