Releases (11/27/2013)

So, I’m a couple days late in announcing them, but I have new stuff up!

First – Deepening Desires: Sincerity    Amazon / Smashwords


Emily made a huge mistake, and now she has to figure out how to live with the consequences.  Will she be able to work things out with her Roommate and Marcus, or will she be stuck alone and afraid forever?

This last and final part of Deepening Desires finishes the tale from Emily’s point of view, as she deals with the fallout of her, and Marcus, playing with hypnosis a bit too casually.

Partner Programming – Antivirus    Amazon / Smashwords


Jennifer’s week comes to a close in this last and final part of Partner Programming.  Now that Dave has managed to program her to be just the way he likes her, Jennifer is getting ready to bring herself and her roommate, Lindsey, over to his place for a night of fun.  But everything might not be as it seems.


These pieces have been a long time coming, and writing them was harder than I ever expected.  It’s not that they were especially difficult, rather I was worried that people would be let down by a terrible ending to what has otherwise been a great series.  I have tried my best in each, and I hope they, and all my stories, continue to entertain.

Yet More Ramblings

Just a status update today, followed by a ramble.

Last night, I finished writing out the final part of Deepening Desires.  It’s in a pretty raw form, since I wanted to just get all the ideas I still had down onto the page, but it’s there, and it’s complete.  I’ll be editing it tomorrow, and hopefully submitting it either tomorrow evening or early Sunday.

The final part of Partner Programming will be the same.  With luck, both will be submitted to Amazon by Sunday morning.  It will be great to get these off my plate.

Incoming Ramble:

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been having a lot of ideas of late, but I’ve also noticed that my stories often vary widely in their content.  Stories like On Call, or Gun Bunnies, or even Proteus, feature strong, frequent, sexual elements.  They also break down into serial chapters much better because of this.  Every part can fit the Erotic Mind Control genre because it’s easy to get those components into the stories.

Other stories, like Deepening Desires, Spell Bound, and many of the ideas that I’ve been bouncing around of late, don’t really fit as well into those molds.  Spell Bound, for example, was supposed to be more of a magical adventure story.  While there can be MC elements along the way, trying to maintain it as a primary focus of the story just isn’t possible.  I could just start new stories of similar kind (e.g. another guy finds some magic, controls a couple girls, the end) but that’s not what I want to write.  I want to write a good adventure story that is primarily that, but also doesn’t shy away from sex, and may meander to control frequently, but not more often than it needs to.

A couple more of the ideas that I’ve been having are similar.  Also, Deepening Desires has shown me, without a doubt, that I don’t need to have heavy sex, or even heavy control, to write a good story that still appeals to people who like mind control.

All of this comes together to tell me that I’m now writing more than one kind of story, and I’m beginning to wonder if publishing everything under a single pen name is the way to go.  To that end, unless I really change my mind in the next few days, I’m going to be starting another pen name.  I’ve known all along that if I start writing “all ages” material, I’d start a new one, but I think I need to start one even to split up my adult oriented material.  Unlike if I was starting a mainstream author, I’m not as worried about these being kept apart, so I’ll announce the new author here.

Stories that fit the primary EMC mold, such as On Call/Remote Control, Proteus, Hypno Hospitality, etc. will stay under Tri3Ax.  The split isn’t about control style, so Doctor Goodman’s Practice will stay under Tri3Ax as well.

Stories that don’t quite fit, such as being more romance, adventure, etc. will now be under my new pen name, Amy Sadal.  I’m going to leave Tri3Ax as a co-author on anything published in the past.  The existing stories that will move over to the new name are Deepening Desires, Playing with Kitty, and Spell Bound.  New stuff will be released under that name as well.

My hope with this is that people will be able to better find what they’re looking for, but also that I’ll be able to get exposed to a wider audience.  Many of the stories I release get aggregated (by Amazon recommendations) to be presented to the same people, who are only looking for hard core control/domination stories.  I’m hoping that my new author name will be able to branch out to people looking for stuff on the softer side.  I expect that Amy will have infrequent releases (probably one a month, maybe only one every two months) but that they’ll be longer.

As always, thanks for your support.  I know a lot of this probably doesn’t matter to most people (see story, read story, enjoy, and the like) but I do like having some people to share my ideas with.  I’ve been enjoying my writing very much this year, but I take enough pride in my work that I want people to be able to find me, but also to know that what they’re getting is what they want.  Having everything in one giant bucket doesn’t really seem to be the best way, any more.

Until next time.

Good news for long time readers

Hey all.  Just a status update, but one that I imagine a lot of people have been waiting for.  I’ve been having all sorts of ideas bouncing around in my head, which is a great thing, because it means more stories to share with the world.  Hypno Hospitality has done as well as I could have ever hoped, and it’s really showing me that longer stories, with the sexual elements more spaced, might work out pretty well.  HH is a pretty sex-heavy story, but even it has more than a few lulls, but I think even they serve to help the story.

So, to that end, why am I saying this is good news for long time readers?  Part of what’s been weighing on my mind as I go to write some of these longer stories (beyond just idea storyboards etc.) is the fact that I have unfinished series still lingering.  Now, Remote Control and Crystal Rapture are both relatively new, and have gotten recent releases, and I plan to continue them both, of course.  I’m still not sure on Control Program, whether I want to continue it as a serial format, or treat that short story as an intro and move on to something longer for the next part.  Either way, it’s still active, but I don’t think the plot has gotten to the point where people are really feeling like it needs some attention.

What I’m referring to are things that I’ve REALLY been managing to put off, Deepening Desires, and Partner Programming.

I’m happy to say that Partner Programming Part 5 is written, I just need to edit it, and tweak a last few parts for flow.  I’ve long been struggling with trying to get Eroticism, Mind Control, and a long-term plot resolution all into the same story, and I think I’ve managed to find a good balance.  It’s probably going to be a little less hot than the previous books in the series, but it’s pretty hard to resolve a story without some less than arousing bits.  Still, there’s plenty in there to stimulate both the mind and… other things.

Deepening Desires Part 6 is now between half and two-thirds written, and I need a little more time to finish out exactly how I want the ending scenes to play out.  With luck, I should only need another evening or two to really hash out the details.

In other words, both series should be complete by the weekend.  With those out of the way, I’ll no longer have anything looming to interfere with my other work.  I can actually say that putting off finishing these stories has actually been less than productive.  Many times I’ve sat down to write, only to be unable, because I feel I “should” be writing one of these, but it isn’t flowing.

Once these are done, I’m hoping to get cracking on everything else I’ve got on deck, which should include continuations of my current serials, as well as some new stand-alones featuring both old familiar characters, and some new ones.

I think that’s about enough for this post, so I’ll call it here.  Thanks as always for your continued support.  I know my rambling musings might not be what you really come here for, but sometimes, it’s nice to know there’s people out there willing to listen.

New Omnibus Releases (11/13/2013)

Short announcement today

Omnibus editions of Playing with Kitty and Raw Deal are now available.  In line with the changes I announced earlier, these stories are no longer available in individual serial format.  Instead, the entire three part series is available for $2.99

Playing With Kitty   Amazon / Smashwords

Raw Deal   Amazon / Smashwords

Writing Hypno Hospitality was a good step at flexing my muscles on something a bit longer.  Stay tuned for more, as I hopefully get some good time to write this weekend.

And thank you all, as always, for your support.

New Release (11/11/2013)

I’m more than a little proud to announce the release of my latest story:

Hypno Hospitality    Amazon

Hypno Hospitality_SM

I’ve been feeling the urge to write something a little more hard core, and heavy handed with the control, and thus Hypno Hospitality was born.  In this long (for me at least) Story, young Kimberly meets an interesting man one evening while working the check in counter of a business class hotel.  This man has a device that can turn off her mind, and he uses it to start her down the hot, fun path to sexual slavery.

A bit more raw, and a bit less nice, than my usual release, I think it turned out well, and I hope you all agree.

Price Drop

After reviewing the price of other author’s ebooks on Amazon and other sites, I’ve decided to do a bit of a price drop for a number of my stories.  Because of the way Amazon does the royalty tiers, this is going to apply more to Omnibus editions than individual editions.  Individual releases will still be 2.99, for people who want to read as soon as it’s available (think of it as the early access price), while people who wait for the Omnibus will see more savings.

For my four stories which had three parts (Squeaky Clean, Gun Bunnies, Playing with Kittie, and Raw Deal) the Omnibus will cost 2.99, the same as a single volume previously.  If I end up with any other three part series (which doesn’t look very likely, right now) It will price similarly.  Also, I’m dropping the Individual parts from my listing, as they make the author page cluttered and harder to navigate.

For longer series omnibus (On Call, Remote Control, Deepening Desires, Recruitment Drive, etc.) I will be using a new formula that should result in bigger reductions.  Previously, I had planned to price them on a 3 for 2 model, similarly to the 3 part stories.  Now, I will go with a base of 2.99 and an additional $1 for each part.  On Call becomes (2.99 + 5 => 7.99) following this.

Novellas and Novels (Such as Proteus, and the parts of Proteus) will still be on a case by case, but I’m dropping Proteus down to 5.99.

It always feels weird to talk shop on a public forum like this, but I’ve long considered this business to involve more than just me.  I also want anybody who might be wondering where the individual parts of have to know what’s happening.

As always, if you have any questions about my work, just let me know.

New Release (11/8/2013) – Remote Control

Got a new release tonight, Part 4 of Remote Control.

Remote Control – Channels  Amazon


Things are really starting to heat up in part four of Remote Control, as Jacob finally gets to invite Claire over to his house to do what he does best.  Now able to play with both of his girls freely, he decides to use the remote to make sure they’re both willing, eager, and horny enough to last all weekend.


Things are still going strong in writing land.  Working on another piece that will hopefully be out in a little bit (a standalone, shocking I know) as well as percolating ideas for how my current series will keep moving.  I hope to have more fun reads for you all soon.  Two long weekends in November, combined with a lot of time off in December and January, should also help keep the wheels turning.

Until next time folks.