New Release (10/22/2013)

As a few of you have already found on your own, I’ve just released the first book in another series

Crystal Rapture – A Girlbot Made   Amazon / Smashwords

A Girlbot Made_SM

I’ve been feeling the itch to write another story about a cute sporty girl controlled into being a mindless robot, and this is the result.  Brian’s been longing after Volleyball player Marie, but he’s never really been able to build up the courage to do anything about it.  With a little help from his friend Wayne’s mind controlling invention, he’s gotten the opportunity to change all that.

Also, please check out below for information about my Audiobooks.  Still looking to get rid of some promo codes!

And, because I’m still getting nibbled, carrying forward my feedback poll about what people might like to see for a longer story.

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