New Series (10/18/2013)

With the completion of Spell Bound, I decided it was time to start something new.  I’m working on starting to flesh out two of the “longer story” ideas I’ve been talking about, but I also of course plan to still release some of the shorter stuff as well.

Getting to work on something new was refreshing, so that was a big help as well.  Finishing the old is, of course, important, but sometimes it’s nice to start from a clean slate.

Control Program – Discovery   AmazonSmashwords

Control Program features some pretty heavy handed control, since it doesn’t get much more heavy handed than being able to change the world around you.  This power has been dropped into the lap of Steven, and at Lily’s insistence, he starts to use it.  What she doesn’t expect is that he’s going to be using it on her.

This is the first part of another sex-heavy series, but as usual, you’ll find some plot development sprinkled in for good measure.  Let’s see how things play out, shall we?


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