Releases (10/16/2013)

So, with everything going on, let a release slip through the cracks, but time to announce it.  More still coming (with luck, something completely new will be going up today).

Spell Bound – Fundament    Amazon

Fundament - SM

Some of you might remember the cover from Witches, as promised I’ve recycled it since it was a good image.  Witches now has it’s own cover.

Fundament is the fifth and final part of the introductory series of Spell Bound, and introduces us to the last main character, which is Stacey’s sister, Laura.  She’s got a bit more of a level head on her shoulders than our other characters, but that’s not enough to stop Erik from having a bit of fun with her, since she’s also more than temptingly pretty.

Expect more from Spell Bound, but I’m converting it over to a longer format.  I think the next part will probably be a 20-30K word Novella, rather than a short serial, followed b (hopefully) a full length book.  We’ll see how things play out over the coming months


On Call – The Complete Series   Amazon

On Call - Complete - SM

I decided it was time to put out the Omnibus edition of On Call, since we’re now well into the sequel.  For those of you who were holding out because of price (which I will admit is a legitimate concern for some with the serial format) you can get all 6 Parts of On Call together for a single discounted price.

OK Folks, signing off.  The poll has gotten a few responses, but of course I’d love to hear more.  I’m still working on some of the shorter serials (starting a new one, and also plan to get another Part of Remote Control out soon, as well as finishing up Partner Programming at some point soon).  Longer works will, of course, be longer, but I have storyboarded out the first of them.  I’m still wrestling with making it full novel length, or splitting it into novellas (it’s looking like it might be a bit too long for a novel… and I still don’t know if I can commit the time for full novel yet).

As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or feedback, feel free to leave them below, or if you want a bit more privacy, my email is always open at

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