Amazon unstable for next few days

Hey all,

Just an FYI, due to the fact that Amazon is doing a little housecleaning, it’s likely that some of my stuff may go offline for a short while the next few days.  I’m fully planning to modify things to get them back onto the approved list, but it looks like I’m getting caught up in the current purges.

From other authors, Pseudo-Incest and Monster is currently being targeted, but only in the product description.  All three volumes of My Sister’s Brainwash and the first part of On Call, Connecting, have been taken offline.

I’m changing My Sister’s Brainwash to the new title of “Squeaky Clean” (which is what I called the Omnibus anyway) and rewriting the descriptions.  On Call will receive a similar treatment.

It’s fully likely that further stories in the On Call series will receive similar adjustments.  PI is only a fraction of my content, and I usually don’t overly focus on it, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be more than ok overall.

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