New Format

Incoming rambling thoughts:

So, those of you who’ve been following for a while know that many of my stories are released using the Serial format.  This format has served me well for the last few months, since it works well with my work schedule and allows me to tell stories that are short and self-contained.

That being said, I’m starting to feel that certain stories just aren’t lending themselves to the format very well.  I was working on part 5 of Spell Bound, and trying to figure out how to work it into the plot that I wanted the story to travel to, and realized that it just wasn’t working.

I think part of it is that since each release has to be a self contained “mc erotica” story, I find myself putting those elements in, to the detriment of the story itself.  Many people have commented that they enjoy the stories and my characters, and that the sex and erotica shouldn’t be the entirety of the story.

Anyway, that’s a lot of rambling to get to the point I want to make, which is that I think I have many stories I want to tell that need a bit more “room.”  Spell Bound was always supposed to be an Adventure story that had a bit of eroticism and mind control elements woven in, but it hasn’t really worked out that way.  I also have a couple other stories that would need a lot of time to get going.

I think this is part of why Proteus worked out so well, there was plenty of room to work in.  Proteus was originally written as 12 parts of a continuous whole, without any real plans for breaks in between.

Now, I’m still planning on finishing out Spell Bound, Partner Programming, and Deepening desires.  Partner Programming and Deepening Desires won’t be having sequels (at least not likely), but Spell Bound I plan to continue.  However, future posts in spell bound will probably be less frequent, longer posts (at least 20,000 word short novels, but more likely 40-80K word full stories).

I also have plans for a couple new stories in this format.

There will still be some releases in the old Serial format.  You may notice that I haven’t talked about On Call/Remote Control.  These stories are PERFECT for the serial format, because much of the story is the control and the sex.  Remote Control is a story about a guy who has a control device that he uses to get sex, that’s he plot.  So these stories will continue.  I’m more referring to the stories that I’ve been forcing into the serial format, and they haven’t been as great as they should have been.

Feel free to reach out to me, either through comments or email, if you have anything you want to say.  I know it’s not exactly like this is a communal effort, but if anybody thinks this is a terrible idea, please feel free to tell me.

With that, back to work.  I’m hoping to finish out my current series over the course of the month, and then begin the new format soon.  I’m hoping that business will survive switching to the new format, and we shall see.

It’s not like I can’t just change my mind in a couple months if it doesn’t work out.

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