New Release (10/22/2013)

As a few of you have already found on your own, I’ve just released the first book in another series

Crystal Rapture – A Girlbot Made   Amazon / Smashwords

A Girlbot Made_SM

I’ve been feeling the itch to write another story about a cute sporty girl controlled into being a mindless robot, and this is the result.  Brian’s been longing after Volleyball player Marie, but he’s never really been able to build up the courage to do anything about it.  With a little help from his friend Wayne’s mind controlling invention, he’s gotten the opportunity to change all that.

Also, please check out below for information about my Audiobooks.  Still looking to get rid of some promo codes!

And, because I’m still getting nibbled, carrying forward my feedback poll about what people might like to see for a longer story.

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Free Audiobooks (Must Send Request for Coupon Code) and Updates

Audible has given me several coupon codes for free copies of some of my Audiobooks.  I have only a few coupon codes for Deepening Desires – Scratching the Surface, but I have a healthy number for Party Tricks and Recruitment Drive.

Therefore, if any of you people who read this are interested, please send me an email at to request a coupon code.  I can’t just post them, because each can only be used once, and I want to make sure that nobody has to do the frustrating game of trying a dozen codes only to find they’re all bad.

Just submitted a new story, Crystal Rapture – A Girlbot Made.  I’ll do the formal release announcement once Amazon approves it, but you can sneak an early look on Smashwords.

Also, I’ve gotten a few good responses on my Poll, so thank you all for that.  The two most popular answers were a longer romantic story similar to deepening desires, and the Augmented reality idea.  I’ve already brainstormed a LOT about both ideas.

Tennis Trance – This was originally going to be a short serial format story, but I found I wanted there to be more buildup.  Expect to maybe see a sneak preview of a chapter or two soon.  This story will be following Tommy and Ashley’s hypnotic dance, as he offers to hypnotize her to help her with practice.

My other Story has a title, but I’m not going to share it here.  I’ve decided that I want to tone it down a bit and turn it into something more akin to the Teen/Young Adult romances that are available.  As such, I don’t want it associated with this Author Name (for obvious reasons).  As it becomes closer to release, I may post to allow readers to request a review copy, and also to find out the title if you’re interested in purchasing.  It will have fetish fuel for the mind control readership, but would still be considered appropriate for “normal” consumption.

Anyway, that’s all for now, stay tuned for updates.  I have plenty coming, as I find time.

New Series (10/18/2013)

With the completion of Spell Bound, I decided it was time to start something new.  I’m working on starting to flesh out two of the “longer story” ideas I’ve been talking about, but I also of course plan to still release some of the shorter stuff as well.

Getting to work on something new was refreshing, so that was a big help as well.  Finishing the old is, of course, important, but sometimes it’s nice to start from a clean slate.

Control Program – Discovery   AmazonSmashwords

Control Program features some pretty heavy handed control, since it doesn’t get much more heavy handed than being able to change the world around you.  This power has been dropped into the lap of Steven, and at Lily’s insistence, he starts to use it.  What she doesn’t expect is that he’s going to be using it on her.

This is the first part of another sex-heavy series, but as usual, you’ll find some plot development sprinkled in for good measure.  Let’s see how things play out, shall we?


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Releases (10/16/2013)

So, with everything going on, let a release slip through the cracks, but time to announce it.  More still coming (with luck, something completely new will be going up today).

Spell Bound – Fundament    Amazon

Fundament - SM

Some of you might remember the cover from Witches, as promised I’ve recycled it since it was a good image.  Witches now has it’s own cover.

Fundament is the fifth and final part of the introductory series of Spell Bound, and introduces us to the last main character, which is Stacey’s sister, Laura.  She’s got a bit more of a level head on her shoulders than our other characters, but that’s not enough to stop Erik from having a bit of fun with her, since she’s also more than temptingly pretty.

Expect more from Spell Bound, but I’m converting it over to a longer format.  I think the next part will probably be a 20-30K word Novella, rather than a short serial, followed b (hopefully) a full length book.  We’ll see how things play out over the coming months


On Call – The Complete Series   Amazon

On Call - Complete - SM

I decided it was time to put out the Omnibus edition of On Call, since we’re now well into the sequel.  For those of you who were holding out because of price (which I will admit is a legitimate concern for some with the serial format) you can get all 6 Parts of On Call together for a single discounted price.

OK Folks, signing off.  The poll has gotten a few responses, but of course I’d love to hear more.  I’m still working on some of the shorter serials (starting a new one, and also plan to get another Part of Remote Control out soon, as well as finishing up Partner Programming at some point soon).  Longer works will, of course, be longer, but I have storyboarded out the first of them.  I’m still wrestling with making it full novel length, or splitting it into novellas (it’s looking like it might be a bit too long for a novel… and I still don’t know if I can commit the time for full novel yet).

As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or feedback, feel free to leave them below, or if you want a bit more privacy, my email is always open at

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Positive News – 15 Followers, 25 Audiobooks Sold

Since I’ve been posting a lot of stuff that’s rather a downer (and that headache continues, Amazon is all over the place right now) I figured I should post something that focuses on something good happening with my writing.

A couple days ago, I managed to pass 15 followers.  I know it’s a small accomplishment, but it’s something, and still not something I ever really expected to happen.  It’s nice to know that there are a few people out there who think my stuff is good enough to keep tabs on.

Also, yesterday I sold my 25th Audiobook Copy.  I know that is also a small accomplishment, but it means there’s at least some market for this stuff.  I’m hoping that, like with normal books, more available motivates more sales.

Just wanted to post that.  Now back to working a bit on drafting and outlining plots while being tempted to distraction by all the video games that have come out recently.

Oh, and re-posting the poll from before so that it doesn’t fall down too far, I really want to find out what people are interested in.

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Amazon unstable for next few days

Hey all,

Just an FYI, due to the fact that Amazon is doing a little housecleaning, it’s likely that some of my stuff may go offline for a short while the next few days.  I’m fully planning to modify things to get them back onto the approved list, but it looks like I’m getting caught up in the current purges.

From other authors, Pseudo-Incest and Monster is currently being targeted, but only in the product description.  All three volumes of My Sister’s Brainwash and the first part of On Call, Connecting, have been taken offline.

I’m changing My Sister’s Brainwash to the new title of “Squeaky Clean” (which is what I called the Omnibus anyway) and rewriting the descriptions.  On Call will receive a similar treatment.

It’s fully likely that further stories in the On Call series will receive similar adjustments.  PI is only a fraction of my content, and I usually don’t overly focus on it, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be more than ok overall.

Reader Interest Survey

So,  As you know if you read my earlier posts, I’ve decided to try out something a little bit different, and write another story that’s more “full length.”  I’m curious to know what type of stories readers are interested in, so I’m conducting a survey to get some information.

Also, as an aside, I’m going to be trying to pull my head down a bit on the incest.  As some of you know, I do write stories that contain incest, but it’s not everything.  Unfortunately, somebody must have woken the bear, because Amazon is very anti-incest right now.  Rather than worrying about whether something will or won’t pass, I’m going to just take a break from it for a couple months while things calm down.

Just in case, the below is set to not allow people to see the results of the survey, and is completely anonymous.  I don’t know who responds or what the votes were, same as you for each other.

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