Apologies Regarding Spell Bound Part 4 – Still Offline

Unfortunately, Amazon has rejected my latest update.  They won’t give specifics but gave some general things.  I’m looking to review what I can, and will try and resubmit again.

What I really can’t get is that the reviewers approve it, but because it’s been rejected in the past, it needs another level of review.  Also, seven copies sold while it was online, so I’m taking that to mean people are interested.

Will keep people posted

Amazon Strikes Again


Looks like there’s further confusion and back and forth with amazon in regards to Spell Bound – Witches.  They’ve made it inactive again.  I think what happened was they drug their heels giving my first version final review, and reset both versions.  I’ve resubmitted.. hopefully it passes.  My knowledge of the content guidelines puts what I submitted well within the allowed precedent.

We shall see what we shall see.

Release (09/14/2013)

So, finally managed to get things settled down, back in order, and back to productivity.  I’ve gotten two things out for today, and hopefully more soon.  They’re both Amazon exclusives… however I do want to mention that On Call, My Sister’s Brainwash, and Remote Control will all be coming to Smashwords and Barnes and Noble this month.  For now, only Spell Bound will stay Amazon exclusive.

Remote Control – Power  Amazon

Remote Control - Power_Mini 

First, I’ve decided to start releasing the sequel to On Call.  On Call has been my most popular series, so I’m hoping people are going to enjoy the follow up as well.  While it features some new main characters, old friends will be showing up left and right, and it should prove to be a very hot and fun read.  This one will be Amazon exclusive for a few days, until I can put On Call up on other distributors.

Spell Bound – Witches   Amazon


So, had a few problems getting this one up on Amazon (content restrictions, had to tweak some things that would make 0 difference to people who know the story….).  Anyways, it’s up now, and continuing forward.  While there’s no sex, there’s still more than a little eroticism, and of course the fun adventure that this series will be known for.  That’s not to say there’s not going to be more romps in the future, of course, just that you can’t have a plot if all the characters do is rip each other’s clothes off.

At any rate, little bit of heat, lot of plot development, and setting the story up for the last couple in the introduction arc.  Either way, I highly recommend, because Casey is so much fun to write.


On the more personal note, thank you to those who wished me well about getting over my cold (it ended up being a lingerer, which was annoying, but I’m pretty sure I’m over it).  Expect more to be coming as things go forward, of course.  The only problem now is the fact that I’m always resisting the siren call of my video games, but I’m working out a balance.

That’s it for tonight.  Keep your eyes peeled on this space for more release information (Hint – Next release is a Side Story for On Call, and it’s one that I think will be both a lot of fun and hot as hell), as well as my usual rambles and other musings.  Till next time peoples!


Releases (09/07/2013)

So, first off, some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little less active lately.  Unfortunately, authoring is my night job, and work has been hellishly busy lately.  Also, once things started to calm down, I was hit with a cold that pretty much wiped me out for a few days.  I was exhausted, the kind where even just sitting up at a computer was just too much.

That being said, here’s hoping this next week will see more than a few new releases.  I have PLENTY of ideas, it’s just getting them down that’s hard.  I want to continue with Spell Bound, Remote Controlled, Linder, and have a couple new ideas that could also be a lot of fun.

That being said, I do have two announcements for new things for the past week

Gun Bunnies   Amazon   Smashwords

Gun Bunnies - Omnibus_Small

Gun Bunnies is the omnibus of Promotional Materials.  I figured the name was better, honestly.  While it’s not something new (in fact it was one of my first series) I decided it was about time to release the Omnibus (plus I feel bad for not having more new stuff).  Gun Bunnies was a fun series, heavy on sex and control.  I originally wrote it because I wanted a hard control story where a character gets brainwashed in a heavy handed way, and things just kept going.  I honestly think it’s a lot of fun, and very sexy.

Also, I have another Audiobook Release

Recruitment Drive – Company Policies   Audible

Company Policies - ACX - Small

So, due to the quirks of ACX manual review process, the second book in the series is available before the first.  I have mixed feelings about this, honestly, but if that’s what happens, it happens.

Recruitment drive was a fun series, featuring the slightly ethically deficient Doctor Goodman as he works to get his psychiatry practice up and running.  Of course, he seems to be putting more effort into having fun with his sexy employees than getting business, but nobody is perfect.

Ok, as I said, hopefully, more soon, but until then, I hope everybody is enjoying things so far!

New Release (09/02/2013)

So, despite being a little sick over the weekend, and recovering from a couple hellish weeks at work, I did manage to find the time to put together a release.  I’ve got plenty of ideas, mostly just need to find the time and energy to get them down into a format other people can read!

Spell Bound – Cabal  Amazon



Cabal is the third part of Spell Bound, and continues the sexually charged story from Erik’s point of view.  He’s managed to bring two lovely ladies under his control, but he finds that Casey has made an unexpected discovery.  Now, it’s even more important that he find out about the person that brought this strange power into his life.

As always, stay tuned for further developments.  Part 4 of Spell Bound is already bouncing around in my head (I told you it was a series that was going to write itself, and I find the characters talking to me in my sleep…), and I think it’s about time to start the sequel to On Call.