Final September Release, And Month reflection

So, for those of you just interested in the release, it’s Remote Control – Part 2 – Browsing.  Scroll down to find the release info.

So, September is pretty much done, and I know I won’t be releasing anything else in the month (it’s kind of easy for me to make that happen, after all…).  Overall, September has been a month that hasn’t been as good as I would have liked.  I only managed to put out 6 releases (one of which was an Omnibus) compared to 14 in August, 12 in July, and 17 in June.

There have been a lot of factors that have been interfering with my ability to work.  I was sick at the start of the month, had to fly out of town in the middle, and work (the day job) has been nightmarish busy.  Many days, I get home exhausted.  Often, it’s extremely difficult to have the energy to focus on writing.

Thankfully, a lot of the busy has been because it’s the end of the fiscal year for the government, and I’m a government contractor.  Work always gets crazy this time of year.  October, however, should be much smoother sailing, and I should be able to get back into my usual swing of 2-3 releases per week.  Here’s hoping, at least.

I was hoping to sneak out one last release this month (tomorrow) by finishing out Party Tricks – Hypnotic Bonds 2.  I’m about 4000 words in and have decided to scrap the whole thing.  It just wasn’t playing out well, and I don’t want to release anything that I don’t approve of.  I intend to re-write it, but completely from scratch.

BDSM and other “true” domination really isn’t my forte, I’m afraid.  I’m branching out, and Party Tricks was a huge success in that regard, but I need to be really careful the direction I take the story in.  Part 2 was proving to be far too aggressive for my taste, and it wasn’t jiving at all.  I’m going to re-board the story and see if I can get it to be a bit more playful, while still keeping some tension.  We shall see what we shall see.

I’m making it a goal for next month to finish out Partner Programming (early) and deepening desires (probably mid).  With those out of the way, I should be able to focus on Linder Academy (as always, got a lot of ideas, but hard to keep them up), Remote Control, and Spell Bound.  I’m hoping that by focusing down to only 2-3 series (with Party Tricks on the back-burner/as able track, since it’s not a really serialized plot), I can keep things moving.  This was honestly what I did starting out, and I think it turned out well.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling for one day.  I’ll put something else up on the blog at least in a day or two, but until then, have fun you kids.


New Release:

Remote Control – Browsing   Amazon

Contains Pseudo-Incest

Things continue to be a lot of fun for Jacob, as he moves from playing with bad girl Claire to getting creative with good girl Alice.  Alice is a stereotypical insufferable straight A student, and has spent her entire life making Jacob miserable.  The fact that she’s his adopted sister hasn’t helped.  Still,  Jacob thinks it’s time he fulfilled his duty to make sure that his little sis knows the way of the world, and he’s got some fun ideas how.

Check this part out for a fun story of a good girl discovering just what it’s like to let out her inner slut.

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