Releases 09/21/2013 (Old Stories now on Smashwords)

Hey folks.  Got an interesting bag today.  Technically four releases, but only one of them is new.  I’ll explain.


On Call Side Stories – Shawna’s Day  Amazon

On Call - Shawna's Day_Mini

I felt Shawna didn’t get enough screen time in On Call, so I figured the first Side Story should focus on her.  Honestly, the fact that she shrugs off relationships was something I wanted to explore more, and many of the scenes in the story popped into my head and I found them hot, so wanted to share them.  It’s currently Amazon exclusive, because while you don’t NEED to have read On Call, it sure as hell helps.

The link MAY go dead if Amazon rears it’s head again.  As many of you know, they’ve been a little arbitrary in content enforcement.  While the content is fully within the rules, they’ve been overly aggressive on descriptions.  At any rate, if it does go dead, I will work to get it back up ASAP.

Now, Old:

As some of you know, certain of my titles have been Amazon only.  This is mostly the heavy Incest titles, and that was because when I first started writing (it seems strange, but it’s only been four months….) I was exploring certain distribution avenues that I no longer use.  Those avenues didn’t allow even pseudo-incest.  Since I was (and still am) a new writer, I wanted to take advantage of free promotions on Amazon to get myself out there.  It seemed only logical for my Incest stuff to fill that role.  On Amazon, if you want to be able to make a title free, you have to join the select program, and can’t release those stories anywhere else.

A few days ago, three of my titles that had been in select have fallen out, and I’ve gone ahead and released them to Smashwords.  I’m going to release the rest of the series as soon as I am able.  I’m posting them like new announcements, even though they’re available on Amazon.

My Sister’s Brainwash – Lasther  Smashwords / Amazon

My Sister's Brainwash - Lather - Mini


My Sister’s Brainwash was the first incest story I really wrote, and I had a lot of fun playing around with the characters.  I also really enjoy the Mind Control device, because sometimes it’s really nice to get back to the basics.  While the modern world makes me want to have anything placed on the head be small and concealable, an old school brainwashing helmet can still be a lot of fun.

Greg’s not the nicest of my main characters, but while he’s a little mean, he isn’t cruel.  The way he and Melinda constantly bicker make you wonder who’s really to blame for their feud.  Check it out to find out!

My Sister’s Brainwash – Rinse  Smashwords / Amazon

My Sister's Brainwash - Rinse - Mini


Rinse of course naturally followed after Lather (and yes, I do feel clever about the title).  Greg continues his campaign of torturing (not really torture, but you know) his sister, as she continues to more and more need him to help deal with her mother.  No longer content to just make her embarrass herself, he wants something a little more substantial.

On Call – Connecting   Smashwords / Amazon

On Call - Connecting_Mini


On Call was my second series with incest themes, but has no relation to My Sister’s Brainwash.  It developed into a much longer series, and is the first to get a sequel.  On Call tells the story of Matt’s glorious invention, a cell phone that allows him to control the thoughts of those he calls.  Since it’s untested, he naturally decides that he should first work out the kinks by relying on a subject that’s close to home.

That subject just happens to be his sister, Leah.  While at first he just intended to keep things scientific, old feelings resurface and things end up much more interesting than he intended


So, that’s it for this release.  Like I said, something new, three things old.  This post might make people think I’m only writing incest, but it’s more just been a kick lately.  Incest stories are fun, when they’re done right (and it’s not just “I want to get with my sister” but rather there’s some themes of revenge, or convenience, etc.).

As I mentioned last night, got a lot on deck, if I can find motivation. At the least, I’ll tease the stories at the top of my to-do list:

Remote Control – Browse

Spell Bound – Intrigue

Party Tricks – Hypnotic Bonds 2

Partner Programming – Debug

New Directions – Headhunting

Linder Academy

And that’s all.  Until next time folks

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