Spell Bound – Witches – Available Again

So, even though it’s not really a release announcement, it looks like things have been sorted out with Amazon and the title is again available.  You may notice that there is a shiny new cover.  Unfortunately, Amazon will not tell you exactly what they are objecting to when they don’t like your book, so I changed around the cover as part of the blind guessing process.  I don’t think the cover was the problem at this point, but I don’t want to futz with it to change it back.  I’ll reuse the cover on a later part (since they’re serial covers they aren’t as tightly bound to the character.)

I’ve also submitted something that should hopefully be up tomorrow.  It looks like Amazon is overly busy, so reviews are taking a while.  This MAY be due to them cracking down on incest/pseudo-incest, which is what hit Witches.

Amazon has a thing about even Pseudo-Incest, and that’s what got witches pulled.  I had to remove pretty much ALL indications of the topic from the description.  This irks me a bit, because I have always prided myself on people knowing what to expect from one of my stories.  To that end, I want to remind people that you can ALWAYS come here and find out about my stories, or send me a message.  I know incest/pseudo-incest can be a big issue for people, so don’t want people to find out too late.

At any rate, hopefully that release is just held up by delays and isn’t blocked.  Work has been CRAZY busy (I’ve been passing out when I come home some days, and I work a desk job….) and this battle with Amazon has really sapped my will to write.  Thankfully, the plots are still forming in my head, but the knowledge that Amazon could block them arbitrarily has made it hard to focus on writing.  Hope to get some time in this weekend, especially if everything is sorted out on releases.

Oh, and since I like having covers up, here’s the new one for Spell Bound – Witches


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