On Call Side Story

So, it looks like Amazon’s anti incest/pseudo incest is going to be a pretty aggressive policy.  The description of my latest was blocked, even though it never said they were having sex, only that it was an erotic book, and two characters were related.

To that end, I rewrote the description and I hope it will be available tomorrow.  We’ll see.  As any of you who have followed for a while will know, I don’t write JUST incest, and when I do, there’s usually some story element to it (such as My Sister’s Brainwash/Squeaky clean, where parents getting married on seventeen year old’s actually caused the dramatic tension).

As I mentioned in my last, I’ll try and make a point of at least highlighting HERE if something is incest or not.  For now though, on Amazon, there will be no indication.  Please note that I try to keep it contained to a particular series, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it just randomly popping up in a series that hasn’t had it as an element.

With that though, wish me luck that the story gets through.  It’s honestly a pretty hot story that was a lot of fun to write.  I’m planning on writing the next part of Remote Control over the weekend, might finish re-writing Dark Deals (now that I know the serial format is very palatable to readers) and maybe the last part of either Deepening Desires or Partner Programming (being fried makes it very hard to write an ending, I’m afraid).

Ok, last update for the night, but just thought I’d say something.  Till next time.

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