Thanks for the kind words

Hey guys, more of a fluff update today.  I just wanted to say thank you to those who have sent me emails or other words about my work.  I’m very glad to know that people are enjoying what I do.  When I first started out, I was very worried that my style wouldn’t be very appealing, because I actually aim for “story that has sex” more than just a quickie story that only focuses on the erotic parts.

The first thing of any real merit I ever wrote was Proteus, which is a short novel length story, and contains about a dozen sex/erotic scenes.  This means that there actually needs to be some plot points in between, and I was terrified that people would just think they were a pain between the juicy bits.  I’m glad to know that isn’t the case.

My Goal is to make my stories be good stories, that have memorable bits that people may re-read later for… purposes… but that they’ll enjoy the story as well.

Now I just have to hope I can pull that off with Spell Bound, because I have some awesome plot elements in mind there.  Hopefully Labor Day gives me some time to get back into the swing, my day job has been a little busy, unfortunately.

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