New Releases (08/27/2013)

A few releases over the last couple days, so of course time to announce them here.  Going to try and include thumbnails of the covers too, since honestly I like my covers (or more specifically, the cute girls on them.  Although this week has my first guy on a cover)

Spell Bound – Partnership  Amazon


First, a follow up to Spell Bound from last week. I’ve decided to have the story change points of view, mostly because I plan for it to be pretty long, and a lot of people (myself included) like to experience things from the point of view of the ‘victim’.  Therefore, part two features Casey, as she adjusts to some of the fun commands her brother has given her.

Recruitment Drive – Private Practice Amazon / Smashwords

SM_Private Practice

Private Practice is the final part of Recruitment Drive, which serves as the introductory story to Doctor Goodman’s practice.  I fully intend to continue with Doctor Goodman’s case files, which will be a group of slightly more episodic stories about the various patients “helped” by the good doctor and his crazy staff.  I’m really hoping you enjoy the conclusion.

Partner Programming – Reboot  Amazon / Smashwords


Things are also starting to come together in Partner Programming – Reboot.  In the next-to-last part, Jennifer awakens in her car with no memory of the previous day, but an odd clarity in her mind, and the distinct impression that something is very dangerous about her new manager.  Still, there’s something important she needs to do at Omni before she leaves for the weekend, if only she could figure out what.

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