Milestone and Reflection – 100 copies of a single book sold

For the longest time, I always saw these blogs as being ego trips for their creators.  I’ve tried to keep that out of this one, but eh, what the heck, I’m assuming I’m allowed to be a little proud of my accomplishments.

I put a bit of time tonight into trying to make some headway on the Linder Academy storyline.  It was slow going, mostly because there’s so much more to the story than my shorter works, and I’m constantly worried about maintaining a balance between heat and plot.  I’ve gotten some traction though, and hopefully if I can keep up the momentum, there should be some releases soon.  I may still wait until the entire thing is done before I release any of it, simply in case I need to rewrite major portions.

However, when I decided to shut down for the night, I went to Amazon and pulled my latest numbers (which I’ve been keeping an eye on since it’s nearly the end of July) and to my surprise, I just realized that On Call – Connecting with My Sister has sold 100 copies in the about seven weeks since I released it.

It’s hopefully just the first of many, and nothing more than a milestone, but it’s one of those things I never really expected to happen when I started.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’ve only been at this a little over 2 months (Proteus published May 22, so 2 months + 8 days… we’ll call it 9-10 weeks?).

Back then, I honestly just expected Proteus to sell maybe one or two copies, and I’d call it quits and be done with this whole writing delusion.  Now, I just sent my 33rd book to Amazon (Oddly enough, book 5 of On call), I have 3 more ready for editing, I’m working on another, and have plenty of ideas for 2-3 more that I literally just have to get written down.

All in all, I’d call that pretty good distance for just a couple months part time work.

Anyways, wasn’t even expecting to be making a post tonight, but just figured I’d share that little tidbit.  And now, off to pass out.

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