Writer’s Flood

So, I’ve heard more than a few writers complain about having writer’s block, and how they can’t get any ideas that they can work into a story.  I think I’m suffering from the alternative.  Maybe it’s just because I’m new to this, but at present I have so many ideas I can’t find the time to get them down on ePaper. I frequently find myself drafting out scenes in my head, and am constantly wishing I had more time for all this.

As of right now, I have the following storylines actively released:

On Call, Raw Deal, Recruitment Drive, Partner Programming, Deepening Desires, Hot Summer Nights, and Linder Academy (Proteus)

I also have Essence and Entrancing Escapes on the back burner, but they’re actually starting to show movement in the people actually reading it department.  Tennis Trance has also fallen behind, the first chapter is written, but editing has been slow to happen in light of known good lines taking priority.

On the even further back burner, I have ideas for story lines:  My Brother’s Anger (a sequel to My Sister’s Brainwash), Life Recycled (completely new, with heavy brainwash/mindwipe/personality replacement themes), and Tweaking (completely new, cyberpunk style with brainwashing and personality replacement themes).  These are only the lines that are so well fleshed out that I’ve actually written snippets in my head, there’s other ideas that are just bouncing around.

This particular post doesn’t really have a point, it’s mostly just pointing out the fact that I have so much going on.  On Call has been the most successfull story so far, and as such it’s going to be receiving some pretty guaranteed attention, at least for the next couple weeks, but almost everything has started to move a bit.

While I know people are often reluctant to post on these sorts of forums, I’d love to hear if anybody has any input on what they’d like to see have a higher priority.  I already know I need to knuckle down and do some more work for Linder Academy, or some people may have my head, but anything else that should get special focus?

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