New Stories – 07/27/2013

I was going to hold off on this for a bit, but I’ve gotten two things out from the last release, so what they hey.  There will be a “real” post following this one as well

I’ve put out two stories, one was a completely new plot-line, and one is a continuation

New Story Line:

Recruitment Drive – Involuntary Volunteer Amazon / Smashwords

Recruitment drive is, honestly, the first of what will probably be a long line of stories set in the world of “Dr. Goodman’s Practice.”  I realized that my stories had fallen too much into a pattern of protagonists who were nice guys to a fault.  While they often used their control to get sex, they were ultimately caring guys, who get romantically involved with their conquests.  So I decided that Dr. Goodman would be a bit more evil (although he’s still not monstrous, I really only ever intend to have monstrous controllers in Proteus).  However, I expect some fun things as this story unfolds, and am planning on releasing more really soon.

Existing Story Line

Partner Programming – Gremlins  Amazon / Smashwords

For this who aren’t familiar, in the world of programming, a gremlin refers to some unusual behavior within a computer program that just can’t be traced to any real source.  Of course, eventually, you can find it, but at first glance it makes no sense and is almost behaving intelligently to resist chances to extricate it.  That’s how this chapter of Partner Programming is supposed to feel, and I hope it won’t disappoint.

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