New Stories – 07/22/2013

So.. I made it exactly one post from saying I won’t announce new stuff here.. to announcing new stuff here.  Ah well.  the problem was that I was using my deviant art page for releases, which is a pretty poor place for it (since me and art don’t really mix…) and doing them here only makes sense, especially since I’d like to talk about the new stories and what I’m going for with them.  I still intend to keep up my rants as well, so hopefully this won’t get too spammy.  I’ll try and focus more on talking ABOUT the stories than just posting the summaries.

Anyway, as always, plans change.  Heck, even what I released wasn’t what I was expecting.  Since I was on vacation (at the beach no less) last week, I had some ideas.  Unfortunately, the environment sucked for writing (too many people, not enough space) so all I really got were some ideas and a couple stories, but that does mean you can expect some fresh new stuff.

Anyway, This Week’s Erotic Mind Control Releases:

New Story Lines:

Hot Summer Nights – Beach Makeover  Smashwords / Amazon
HSN was something that I’d “planned” to write, mostly because it’s the kind of thing you’re supposed to do (seasonal content.)  I wasn’t sure exactly how it was going to take shape.  Unlike a lot of my stuff, I decided I wanted this one to be a loose series, without a real strong overall plot, although the main characters will show up, but the plot points will be self-contained.

Eventually, I decided to settle on the idea of having this little shop on the boardwalk, that people in the know in this vacation town would know about, and would refer people to.  From there, we got this story, and there should be more to come.

Raw Deal – Striking a Bargain  Smashwords / Amazon
This was another of the ideas that I got on vacation, and it was mostly motivated out my desire to write more heavy handed brainwashing stories.  I have a soft spot for them, although a lot of what I write is more subtle, I do enjoy the occasional completely brain overhaul.  I was originally thinking of keeping the story pretty tight and quick, and only having it be a single chapter, but as usual it expanded during my design/story boarding, and is not looking like it’ll be at least a trilogy.

Existing Story Lines:

On Call – Cloned Number  Amazon
I’m having a lot of fun with On Call, since it’s neat to have a story where things are so overtly sexual, but are still fun and playful.  The characters are also starting to really show their differences, especially with this latest part, since Shawna has entered the scene.  I’m actually really looking forward to writing the next parts, because now that Matt has basically sealed the deal with each of his lovely ladies, he can start having some real fun.

Stay tuned for more of On Call, because it should be a fun and hot ride from here on.

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