25 Books

So, Yesterday, my 25th title went live.  According to Amazon, My first went live on 5/22, and while that one was already written, and three of the others are just the chopped up parts of Proteus, this still means that since then, I’ve managed to put together 21 books in 45 days, or about 1 every 2.

All told, I’d say that’s pretty good.  Now If i could just get people to tell me WHAT about the stories they actually like.

Deepening Desires, my flagship series, is about a small group of college students experimenting with hypnosis.  There’s not a whole lot of heat (just that naturally brought about by the subject matter) but there’s a lot of character development and a lot of emotional elements.  I honestly think that’s probably where most of the popularity comes from, because people reading feel as invested in the characters as I do.  As always, I’d love to know more.

My second best had been My Sister’s Brainwash, although On Call is really pushing to dethrone.  Given that MSB has 3 books, and OC only 2, that’s pretty impressive.  I plan to continue both, if people are curious.

That’s another question I have for the universe at large, do people want me to stop releasing new storylines, and just push forward with the existing ones, or do they actually like having the wide breadth to choose from.

Always so many questions.  Ah well, I have some writing for today, and we’ll deal with tomorrow when it comes.  Overall, I just wanted to say thank you to every customer who’s been willing to give me a shot, because there’s frankly more of you than I ever really expected.

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