Old And New

Hello All,

Work continues on posting some of my older works, I’ve put up two, including one that I never re-released on Amazon after my first hiatus.

I’ve also gone ahead and released something new, the first of my “Hybrid” stories, that hopefully will scratch my itch for doing 3D art while still giving you guys new stories.  Those of you who have been following all along may remember I tried something with a story called Interface, that has since been taken down.  It may return in a rewrite at some point.

Astute observers will notice that the Hybrid story has the same title as one of the older stories I posted, Spell Bound.  Spell Bound was a neat premise, but it just wasn’t really sustainable, at least not in my mind.  I really didn’t like how it turned out, but I really liked the characters and premise, so I decided I’d reboot it.  It’s a complete reboot, not just an edit, the characters are completely different (no pseudo-incest, for one.  Incest is nice for some stories, but it was forced into that one) and the motivations are also different (it’s very hard to have a protagonist in an MC story that isn’t too much of a sexual predator.  I think I revised that well enough).

Anyway, I’m planning on continuing with the story for a bit, see where it goes. Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with the 3D art and hope people enjoy the pictures as well as the story.

Until next time.

A little update

So yeah, can’t believe it’s been a year.  I’ve come back and looked at the blog once or twice, but didn’t really feel up to it.

So, as many of you have probably noticed, I’ve pulled all my stuff from Amazon.  You may remember I had some problems with it, and I decided it just wasn’t worth it any more.  Dealing with their rather wishy-washy policies, lack of information, etc.  It was just not something I wanted to ever deal with again.

So!  Why am I bothering to say anything here, rather than just scrapping this blog?

Well, for one, I’d hate for all my material to just poof, and only be available to those that paid for it long ago.  So I am going to go ahead and start uploading stories, at my own pace.

Secondly, I still get the urges to create, from time to time, but with work and everything else, I don’t have the time for writing.  The day job only gets to consume more of my regular time, and i just can’t set aside large blocks like I used to.  Also, as many of you remember, I was having a lot of fun with 3D art before my last hiatus, and that’s continued.  So i’m going to upload pictures, maybe some simple comics, etc.

As a teaser for that, I’d like to upload something I’ve been working on, that I’m hoping will be part of a short comic in strong MC theming.

Page 3-Beauty

Stay Tuned for More.

Status – 02/18/2016

Hey Folks, weekly status update time.

This week saw the release of another of my older stories, Mind Matters (originally Mind Matters – Twisted Love but I simplified it down).  I originally released the story as a Valentine’s day story, so the symmetry seemed appropriate.

Work on new material has been a little more tepid than I would have liked.  A combination of having to make an unexpected trip, bad weather, and the day job being more draining that usual all combined to pretty much kill forward progress.  I think part of the problem is that my current project is extremely long, 80k words, and a story like that is nearly impossible to work on in bits and pieces.  Since I can’t find a good chunk of time, I can’t progress on it.

In a way, this highlights why the old serialized release format was so good for me.  It allowed me to put out a little bit of progress when I could.  I still think that sticking with a longer format is a good idea, but I may reverse my decision to only ever work on one project at a time.  I think having one story that’s longer and more meaty, as well as one that’s a bit more light-hearted (and sex heavy) will pay off in the long run.

Either way, we’ll see how things go.  I still have a couple backlog items that I’m working on getting re-released, but there will probably be a bit of a dry spell after that as I get things back underway.  No news on what the next release will be, as nothing’s close enough to even be teased yet, but I think I may start working on something in the 30K range that’s a little less deep, along with my major project.

That’s all for this week.  Thanks as always for your support.

Status Update – 2/12/2016

So, first relatively normal post in a while.

For obvious reasons, the last couple weeks haven’t been particularly productive for me.  However, now that things have calmed down, I’m back to writing and I think things are finally returning to normal.  I’m not yet ready to announce what the next release will be, since I want to remain flexible, but it’s shaping up to be quite long, probably in the 80K words range once it gets completed (so full novel length).  It should be really, really cool.

I had planned to release something new last week, the Sequel to Hypnotic Condition.  For obvious reasons, that plan had to be adjusted.  I’m still planning to release it, but only after I can post Hypnotic Condition here on my blog, so that people can read the first part, if they’re so inclined.  Despite being blocked, the story is still technically part of KDP, which means that Amazon could easily give me problems for posting it elsewhere.  I’d rather not take the risk.

It also looks like the sales recommendations are also really wonky.  I think pulling the titles reset them, which is annoying, because now the top recommendations for people who buy my books are books that aren’t mine.  Hopefully that works itself out, or as I release new stuff it normalizes.  I know I get a lot of exposure from people who read one book and want to read another.

Overall, I’m just hoping that the whole sordid mess is behind me, and I can get back to doing what I really want to do, which is write and release fun stories for you to read.


Back Online for Now

So, hopefully I’m not Jinxing it, but for now it appears my stuff is back up on Amazon.  I’m hoping I can put all this behind me and get back to work.  Still not quite sure what the issue was with that one book, but for now things seem to be making it through again.

Fingers Crossed

Ok, I’ve submitted my catalog once again, with some revised/cleaned up descriptions that hopefully should help prevent any problems.  I guess we’ll know in a few hours if I’m back with Amazon (at least for now) or if I’ll be moving elsewhere.

Thanks again for bearing with me.