Two More Stories Posted

I’ve gone ahead and added two more stories to the listing, Mind’s Vault and Remote Control.  Additionally, I added the story synopsis to the story listing pages, so there should be a bit more information for people who aren’t already familiar with my work (if they should get here through some mechanism).

Still planning on uploading more, and hoping to get something new up.  I’ve got a couple ideas that have been clawing around in my head, but I haven’t written enough of any of them to feel comfortable posting.  I also do still plan on getting something more up for Spell Bound.

Part of what’s happening right now is that I’m writing a couple stories… out of order. This REALLY helps in the long run, because I can settle characterization etc. elements without getting locked into something too early.  If I post the first thing I think of, and then suddenly decide I need to add/remove/change a character later on, it’s much harder to change that if I already posted it.

Granted, it’s easier than it was when I was selling this stuff, but still, it sucks.  Anyway, that’s what I’m up to right now.  The good news is that I’ve got some ideas, and have found some time and motivation.  The bad news is you guys don’t get it yet.

Micro Update

Hey All,

Just announcing that I finally have something of an update!  I just posted the third chapter for the new Spell Bound, and I literally just wrote it (it’s considered draft status, consider yourselves warned).  There’s no images, I’m trying to capitalize on the time I have available, but I may do 1-2 just to give images for the newest characters.

Additionally I have changed the story from third to first person.  I do plan to go back and revise chapters 1 and 2.  For the pacing of the story, I like it better.

Additionally, I have slightly redone the menu structure.  I realized just how terrible it was on mobile, and let’s face it, tablets are nice.  You can now access all stories without needing to rely on hover links.  The story link now takes you to an index page, where you can select what you want, and then get to each individual chapter.

Spell Bound – Chapter 3

Not Dead, Just Busy

Hey all,

Figured I should say a little something, at least every now and then.  For starters, I am not dead (nobody asked, but always good to start with making sure that is known).  Between the day job and life, I’ve just been very very busy.

I am writing, somewhat.  A couple of new things, and ideas.  I’ll publish them as I’m comfortable.  There should be more spell bound, I just need to make some time.  I may hold off on bothering with art for a while since I’m on more of a writing kick, then fill in the artwork in a larger block, since it’s efficient to make more at a time.

I have also gone ahead and published a couple more stories.  The one tonight was On Call, which I imagine more than a few people will be happy to see.  Remote control will go up sometime in the near future (no promises on when).

Anyway, just a short update.

Small Update

Hey all,

Sorry about being so quiet since my last post.  Persona 5 Released, and I’m a little busy getting through it.  That also means it could be a little while before anything more.

However, I did go ahead and finish out a second small chapter of the new Spell Bound, which is a bit of a character builder.

Spell Bound – Chapter 2

More is planned, but it will probably be a little delayed.

Old And New

Hello All,

Work continues on posting some of my older works, I’ve put up two, including one that I never re-released on Amazon after my first hiatus.

I’ve also gone ahead and released something new, the first of my “Hybrid” stories, that hopefully will scratch my itch for doing 3D art while still giving you guys new stories.  Those of you who have been following all along may remember I tried something with a story called Interface, that has since been taken down.  It may return in a rewrite at some point.

Astute observers will notice that the Hybrid story has the same title as one of the older stories I posted, Spell Bound.  Spell Bound was a neat premise, but it just wasn’t really sustainable, at least not in my mind.  I really didn’t like how it turned out, but I really liked the characters and premise, so I decided I’d reboot it.  It’s a complete reboot, not just an edit, the characters are completely different (no pseudo-incest, for one.  Incest is nice for some stories, but it was forced into that one) and the motivations are also different (it’s very hard to have a protagonist in an MC story that isn’t too much of a sexual predator.  I think I revised that well enough).

Anyway, I’m planning on continuing with the story for a bit, see where it goes. Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with the 3D art and hope people enjoy the pictures as well as the story.

Until next time.

A little update

So yeah, can’t believe it’s been a year.  I’ve come back and looked at the blog once or twice, but didn’t really feel up to it.

So, as many of you have probably noticed, I’ve pulled all my stuff from Amazon.  You may remember I had some problems with it, and I decided it just wasn’t worth it any more.  Dealing with their rather wishy-washy policies, lack of information, etc.  It was just not something I wanted to ever deal with again.

So!  Why am I bothering to say anything here, rather than just scrapping this blog?

Well, for one, I’d hate for all my material to just poof, and only be available to those that paid for it long ago.  So I am going to go ahead and start uploading stories, at my own pace.

Secondly, I still get the urges to create, from time to time, but with work and everything else, I don’t have the time for writing.  The day job only gets to consume more of my regular time, and i just can’t set aside large blocks like I used to.  Also, as many of you remember, I was having a lot of fun with 3D art before my last hiatus, and that’s continued.  So i’m going to upload pictures, maybe some simple comics, etc.

As a teaser for that, I’d like to upload something I’ve been working on, that I’m hoping will be part of a short comic in strong MC theming.

Page 3-Beauty

Stay Tuned for More.