Chapter 2 of Interface is up

True to my words, I’m pacing myself a bit more on releases, but it’s about time for the next one.  I actually had all the writing done weeks ago, but I wanted to have some more time to play around with the images.

Quick link to the story itself.

This was mostly because Daz3d, the software I use for my rendering, recently got iRay support, and it’s a pretty awesome package.  You may notice a slight difference in the way the images look this time compared to chapter one, and I’m not just talking about the fact that Becks’ hair is so much longer now that she’s let it down (sorry, that’s just life in 3D art world.. nobody has actually made a set of 5 hairs that are all the same head in different styles, it’s like each one was expected to be a completely different person, it’s annoying).

Anyway, I’ve spent a few weeks getting comfortable with iRay rendering, and frankly it’s kind of awesome.  The light is just so much more detailing, so I’ll probably continue with that for the time being.  Some part of me is really tempted to make chapter 3 a full comic book, just so I can up the amount I get to play around.

We’ll see.  One way or another, I plan to release more of this story, we’ll see what the format is when we get there.

New Release

So, there’s two words I haven’t put together in like, a year.  After a long, long break, I’ve finally released something new.  I’ve decided to start a new project, rather than just picking up one of my old ones (although some of the old ones should continue, at some point).  It’s also completely free, and I’ll be hosting it here.

The story is called Interface, and it’s got a lot of my favorite (and most prevalent, some might say) elements, a Mind Control chair, human programming, and cute girls being forced to wear sexy clothing.  Good stuff.  Like most of my stories, it’s not just all sex all the time, so fair warning, there’s none in the first Chapter.  This one serves more to introduce characters and what’s going on, but I always think that serves to make it even better once they get down to business.

Interface – Chapter 1

As mentioned before, I’ve also started making pictures of events in the story, but they’re not essential to enjoy the plot.  Rather, I think they help serve to convey what I’m imagining, and also I think many of them are sexy as hell.  They also help me maintain focus, and I’m hoping that it’s a good balance between just a plain old text story, and a true comic (which as I mentioned, don’t have the time to do regularly).

Each chapter should have a number of images conveying significant plot points, and I may also put up some “promo” images as well, depending on the chapter and my mood.  The first one doesn’t have anything that I’d consider a good promo image, but starting with Chapter 2 I’m making a few just as I compile things in my rendering setup.  Chapter 2 will hopefully post this week.

As always, please feel free to either leave a comment, or send me an email at  I love hearing from people.

Getting The Itch

So, first and foremost, I am not dead.  Just something to get out of the way.

As I’m sure anybody reading this can imagine, I got burnt out and needed to take a break.  Still not completely back, but I’ve been feeling a major creative itch lately, and I think I’m going to start writing again.  No guarantees about what, and I’ll probably be a lot less hard core about things than before.

I’ve also decided, at least for now, that I’m not going to release through any sales outlets.  There’s a number of reasons, but putting yourself out there kinda sucks, and also having to constantly dread Amazon’s draconian rules schizophrenia definitely sucks.  Good news though is that means anything would be posted up here directly.  Also means I may post partial/incomplete stuff, which I suppose is a mixed blessing.

Regardless, here will be the best place to find things.  I’m also thinking about posting my old stuff as well, so keep eyes peeled for that.

One other thing, as some of you who were reading right before I bowed out for a bit know, I really enjoy 3D art. Some part of me wants to do comics, but I just don’t have the time.  For the time I spend making one comic release, I could do three or four novels.  But I really like having images to go with my stories, so I think I might just start doing that, rendering a few scenes per chapter, and just linking them on the story page.

We’ll see how things play out.  The short of it is that I’m thinking about writing again.

Quiet Month

As many of you can tell, September has been a bit of a quiet month for me.  Amazon was a little bumpy from what I heard, but apparently it’s stabilized out.  I’m thinking I’ll probably go ahead and put my stuff back up, but not until I’ve created new covers for anything that used stock photos.  Thinking that’s probably for the best, all things considered.

One of the things that still stands is that if I ever get a formal warning from Amazon, I’ll have to call it quits. Nothing from them so far, so hopefully my pulling my catalogue was just unneeded panic.  A few stories may get pruned out completely, mostly the really old stuff that wasn’t selling at all.  Regardless, things should trickle back up over the next couple weeks as I have time to redo covers etc.

Another thing I’ll mention is that I’ve come to enjoy the free time from taking a couple months off of writing, although in other ways it’s recharged me and left me with ideas.  Either way, I’m probably not going to put as much focus on this writing as I did before, since I just don’t have the time or energy.  There should be releases, but they’ll be much further between.

Also, I’ve gotten a few ideas for some more mainstream appropriate stories, and I want to explore my options.  We’ll see, if I put out a “real” novel and it bombs miserably, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more erotica.

Just a quick “I’m alive” update today, and saying that I do plan to put some stuff back up, but we’ll see.  Writing adds some stress that I don’t really need right now, so if things start to get zany with Amazon again, who knows.  However, based on what I’m hearing, pulling everything might have been an overreaction.

Until next time.

Update – Amazon Takedown and Still around

So, I realize it’s been a little while since I’ve been active.  I’m afraid the day job has just been crazy, so I haven’t had much time for writing.

I have some time to myself in the near future, so I had planned on getting some writing done.  The problem is that I’ve just found out that Amazon is apparently doing some more serious crackdown on their Erotica (Same Shit, Different Day, no?)  Anyway, as a preventative, I’m going to be pulling pretty much everything.

For now, my stuff is still up on Smashwords, and I’m going to look into alternative outlets, as well as once again exploring the possibility of selling something directly on this site (there’s always challenges).  At any rate, if you DO intend/want to follow my stories in the future, please sign up and follow the blog.  I’m not sure how much longer information will be available on my author page on Amazon.

Hope to have more next week, including the possibility of a release.

New Release (08/05/2014)

So, first real new release announcement on the new site.  Hopefully people have signed up to get email announcements, if they were so inclined.

Mind’s Vault – Friends and Enemies   Amazon / Smashwords

Friends and Enemies - Sm


Greg Walker’s story continues in part five of Mind’s Vault.  Things have gotten pretty routine for our mind controlling protagonist, and he’s enjoying the attention of his three loving companions.  A snap decision to enjoy an evening out could, however, have some unintended consequences.  After all, did anybody really expect Greg to be able to keep all of this a secret forever?

As a side note, I really like the way Monica turned out in this cover, her expression speaks loads to the fact that she’s under a conform to clothing command.


More to come, the next two parts of Mind’s Vault will actually be told from the viewpoint of a new character.  Unlike with On Call and Remote control, I think the POV will always “snap back” to Greg, with other characters only allowed a small arc but never being promoted to main characters.  I think that’s part of the problem I’m running into now with Power Plays, there’s 4 points of view and it gets confusing and jumbled.

Other than that, not a lot going on.  Feel free to check out the second chapter of Doctor Sexton’s Toys, which is now up.  I’ll probably drop the depths section in the near future, since that’s going to become a traditional novel.   I’m enjoying the 3D art, but let’s face it, Depths is probably something I can sell, and for now I can’t sell the 3D stuff.

As always, please feel free to drop me a line with any feedback, and until next time, enjoy.


So, quite a few changes going on.

First, as many of you may have noticed, the fourth part of Mind’s Vault is up.  I highly recommend you check it out, as the story continues to be as awesome as I’d ever hoped.  There’s only one more chapter in this initial arc.

Amazon  /  Smashwords

Conforming - SM

Now, as many of you know, the great beast Amazon likes to stir every now and again, and remind everybody just how powerful they are.  It looks like they’re in the middle of another shift right now, with a focus on cracking down on non-consensual sexual content.  I’ll freely admit, some of my stuff is a little less than comfortable for some people, but my stuff is far from the most hard core.  Still, as a bit of a preventative, I may take down some of my stuff to just keep the eyes turned elsewhere.

I’m planning on finishing out MV, at least the first Arc.  The second arc actually featured some more subtle control, so it might still be ok.  In terms of other work, however, I’m going to be putting a pretty hard stop to anything questionable, and just focus on stories with a heavy focus on hypnosis and control, but a bit more obvious consent.  Stories like Hypnotic Condition (where he never touched her until she was comfortable with it) or Deepening Desires.

In order to keep my material production up, I’m going to scrap the comic version of depths (I may release the first bit as a bonus) and turn it into a normal ebook.  That way, I should be able to maintain publishing without worrying about Amazon’s retaliation.

I may re-write Spellbound to be more Amazon friendly, so that I can continue that storyline, and just have things be toned down a bit.  I’m not sure.  Amazon’s arbitrary enforcement can lead to some major headaches when it comes to making stuff that’s hot and close to the line.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try JUST releasing something on Smashwords, and see what happens.

A final thing.  Some of you may have already noticed a new link up at the top of my blog, for Tri3Ax EMC Comics.  Making depths gave me the itch to produce some harder, more content heavy EMC comics.  Unfortunately, I can’t release them commercially, since pretty much no payment provider will take them (at least without a huge up-front and annual investment on my part, and I don’t make enough to bother).  So I’ve decided to release them for free.

If you like them, feel free to leave a comment, and if you want to show your support, either buy an eBook you weren’t sure about, or gift certs to Amazon (oh the irony), Daz3d, or Renderosity are all always appreciated.